Three Utterly Evil Democrats

Posted April 7th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Deval Patrick, Martha Coakley, Olga Roche – EACH of these evil people have the power to step up and get Justina returned to her parents.
Evil Three Democrats

Their failure to do so – their utter failure to to do the right thing  – is both a betrayal of their Oaths of Office – and repugnantly and utterly evil!

Olga Roche oversees the Dept of Children and Families – the agency which has gone before Judge Johnston [clearly a corrupt hack protecting Democrat office holders and unionized state employees] to get Justina declared a ‘Ward of the State’, – and thus allowed Boston Children’s Hospital to use her as a human guinea pig.

Judge Joseph F JohnstonNow Olga – who should be prosecuted for criminal negligence – is hiding behind the rulings of Judge Johnston

Somewhere there is a criminal defense attorney telling her that that’s ‘cover enough’ – and billing her – or billing the DCF

Governor Patrick could have over-ruled her at any time, stepped in, – even fired Roche [she totally deserves to be fired] – and ordered Justina returned to Connecticut.

Martha Coakley – who has made a career of seeing no evil – should long ago have investigated this case – appeared before Judge Johnston – and gotten Justina freed from Massachusetts jurisdiction.

Why won’t she? Because she needs the union vote, – and no union is more corrupt – and more up to their necks in this case than SEIU 509 – representing 17,000 DCF employees and case workers.

Some of these case workers should be going to jail for failing to monitor at-risk and foster kids, – and for placing hundreds of foster kids with sex offenders.

Instead of investigating and prosecuting – Patrick and Coakley have allowed things to drift along “business as usual” – not wanting to rock the boat – not wanting to go after inept and corrupt Democrats.

So foster children die – and Justina is being held prisoner by the Commonwealth.
Dead and Dying Kids

And Coakley fully expects to be our next governor!

When she comes around campaigning – trying to tell voters that ‘she cares’ask her why she NEVER ACTED!

5 Responses to “Three Utterly Evil Democrats”

  1. Tom

    The criminal actions of the DCF, the AG and the governor give serious cause to the parents of New England whose children have been stricken with chronic diseases. Should they even consider bringing those children to, what was always thought to be one of the world’s best hospitals, now that the DCF seems to have set themselves up as the judge, jury and Dickensian like final solution. The reputation of this hospital will forever be tarnished by this inhumane conspiracy. The legislature should be all over this, but they too are complicit with the SEIU. Call them and demand that this wrong be corrected.

  2. Sherox

    And sadly, she will be the next governor.

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  4. Jim Gettens


  5. Casey Chapman

    This young girl, the state’s latest victim, isn’t even a citizen of our state. She needs to be at home with her parents. This story could make quite a movie, warning against trusting authority. Especially the state’s authority. If anybody had the gonads to make it. After Justina is returned to her parents, of course.