Things you can do instead of watching PresO tonight.

Posted June 15th, 2010 by Jim Ettwein

C’mon, who doesn’t believe that if He really had a plan, or something that would make a difference, he wouldn’t have already put it into action? If he had an idea, would we expect him to wait days to make an announcement? No, of course not.  We all know that it’ll be the same old push to pass the same old legislation to demonstrate how “in control” he really is. So, why watch? Indeed.

As a public service, I’m offering this list of things you can do instead of watching PresO. Will they help the situation in the Gulf? Nope. After all, we’re not experts in this (oh, and neither is He.)

Instead of watching PresO you can, spend two hours making calls to your congressman making sure they know what your opinion is.

Instead of watching PresO you can, write a letter to the editor, outlining your opinion as a voter on the situation.

Instead of watching PresO you can, go to church, and pray for our country.

Instead of watching PresO you can, go to the Senior Center and spend some time discussing the situation with them.

or, instead of watching PresO you could kiss your spouse, wash your socks, cut the grass, clean the attic, take a nap, pet the dog, go out for ice cream, almost anything.  Just don’t waste your time watching Him tonight.  Life’s too short to waste it on meaningless telepromptering.


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  1. Tom Gilroy

    In addition to the list of things to do rather than watching BHO, may I suggest the following: watch the Red Sox playing the Arizona Diamondbacks, counter protest the illegal Immigrant loving protesters at Fenway and if BHO runs over, and he usually does when TOTUS is available, watch the Celtics beat the LA Lakers.

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