The TEA Parties In 2017: DYING!

Posted May 19th, 2017 by Iron Mike

They were the ONLY force holding Obama in check for 8 horrible years,  but now they’re withering of old age,  – and septuagenarian inertia.  They must recruit or see Hilary elected in 2020!

The problem is that for most aging TEA Party members – talking with millennials is way out of their comfort zone.

The standard ways older folks communicate – email – websites – and phone calls just don’t work with kids addicted to their smart-phones and Twitter.

And there is no common background of experience.  Older Americans are American Patriots,  – have lived through a couple of wars,  and understand that certain foreign regimes and cults are deadly threats to our way of life.

By contrast, union teachers (aka America’s stealth enemy) have conditioned young Americans that all peoples are ‘essentially the same’that we need to be accepting of different cultures (aka Muslims),  and that in the 21st Century national borders are meaningless.

It’s exactly why you saw young voters flock to Obama in 2008.   He was ‘cool’ – he was racially different (the Diversity God), and he had an iPhone.   McCain – even with Sarah Palin – could never reach them with a meaningful message.


By 2015 Bernie Sanders had figured them out.  He was totally aware how dumbed down they were,  and how they could be led anywhere by a Pied Piper singing about FREE COLLEGE and FREE HEALTH CARE.  He fully understood that young Americans have neither a historical or an economics background.

They really don’t understand why Cuban families try to get here on inner-tube rafts.

Thus even as Greece and Venezuelan were crumbling under the weight of “FREE STUFF”,  and suffering severe food shortages and then riots,   Millennials were voting for Bernie.

Through all these past 8 years,  the so-called Republican Party has remained cowardly,  cowed,  and unable to speak a true Republican Message to Americans – either in speeches or in TV ads.

Worse, they allowed Democrats to LABEL THEM as “…rich fat cats who don’t care about the poor”.

The Democrats KNOW how to market a lie;  while Republicans seem afraid to utter the truth!

Any American Patriot who thinks that he or she can relax now that Republicans have a majority in both houses and Trump is safely in the White House – – is totally fooling themselves.

The combined forces of the Democrats,  the Media,  the entrenched government employees (95% Democrats),  and the RiNO go-along establishment are working to bring Trump down.  They’ve been living very well in the Swamp thank you, – they don’t want it drained.

So out here across America the TEA Parties need to WAKE UPCOME ALIVE,  and START RECRUITING YOUNG BLOOD!

Or,…you will see Hillary,…or somebody far more loathsome – waltz into the White House in January 2021.

The time to recruit and train young Patriots is NOW,  not the Spring of 2021.

You might be dead by then!

6 Responses to “The TEA Parties In 2017: DYING!”

  1. President Matt

    Iron Mike is correct to admonish us to do more to reach out to young people (and everyone else as well) I believe that we can be successful in inspiring patriotism in others. And I agree that now is the time to do it.

    I suggest try recruiting at this year’s 4th of July celebration. We can ask people: “What does Independence mean to you?” We could give out Blue and Red Snow Cones. I don’t think we need to do it all day or in only on place. Who is interested in helping me with this?

  2. Kojack

    This is a problem the Tea Party has always had. My experience with the Lowell Tea Party(no longer active) is that there were very few participants in any of the activities/events who were less than 40 years and like the modern military, some gave all but most gave none. It was predictably the same members at all of the events and doing 90% of the work. There were many attempts to recruit younger members but there was generally little or no interest.

    The millenials have been thoroughly dumbed down and placated to where they have an entitled and self-absorbed mentality. They are completely oblivious to the evils of socialism and communism! They’re more concerned with getting “free” stuff! Sadly I see it in the younger members of my own family.

    I am at a loss as to how to solve this problem.

  3. Blossom Stiefel

    I don’t know if the Tea Party organization will be “reborn”. It was always very hard to get people to come to meetings or to events that we worked on. It’s very hard to get people to come to meetings.

    Talk to people, young, old, all people that you come in contact with. We must not remain silent, this topic is too vital to our country, and the world. Deliver our very important message whenever you can. President Trump is doing amazing things for all of us, we need to support his agenda. We will all benefit.

    But we do need to take control of our country’s future. Our President is working very hard for us, he is our best and last chance to keep our Republic. Let’s stand up for President Trump, write letters, write articles, e-mail, call your Congressmen/women. There is so much work for us to do. Let’s do it!

  4. Jim Gettens

    Wanna do something positive in Massachusetts? Then subscribe AND donate to The Boston Broadside newspaper. It’s the ONLY uninhibited conservative Massachusetts newspaper and its circulation is expanding. With your help it will expand even more. It is something tangible that can actually get into Millenials’ hands and it is a thumb in the eye to the state’s craven, lemming Libs and RINOS.

    Tea Party websites should be mini-Drudge sites offering daily links to breaking news stories and key articles to counter the MSM Liberal slant. But how many do you know are doing that? Drudge is now getting more hits than Fox News. There is a hunger for that type of conservative clearinghouse news service that is unfulfilled by Tea Parties in many states and localities.

  5. President Matt

    Kojack, can you share with me any of the ways you tried to recruit young members? Even if the did not work they can instructive.

    Blossom Stiefel, you remind me of my favorite Voltaire quote:

    Stand upright, speak your thoughts, declare The truth you have, that all may share;
    Be bold, proclaim it everywhere:
    They only live who dare.

    Jim Gettens, We use Twitter to broadcast daily links to important stories and sites. It has been effective for us.

  6. Kojack

    President Matt – The most successful method to reach young people that I’ve tried is the one suggested by Blossom. You can CREATIVELY publish websites or links to reach the masses but engaging them in person seems to be the most effective method.

    For example, my wife and I were at a friend’s Christmas gathering when a young woman(~20) made an anti-Trump remark. I politely but firmly rebuked what she said explaining why I supported him over Hillary and why BHO was the worst president in U.S. history. I may not have totally changed her mind but at least I gave her another perspective and made her realize that no things are not as the MSM portrays them.

    We have to be willing to engage people and stand our ground whether it be at work or in social settings appropriately to the situation. I believe that the old adage about avoiding conversation about religion and politics is partly to blame for the situation we find ourselves in right now.

    The biggest obstacle, as I stated my previous comment, is the one created by the union school teachers and an ever increasingly depraved, deteriorating culture.