The Reign Of King Morsi I

Posted November 23rd, 2012 by Iron Mike

In the Land of Pharaohs there can be no Democracy or Rule of Law.
A dictator is toppled by the mob [pushed by Obama]; – a new dictator rises to claim the power vacuum [abetted by Obama].

Copts, Christians, Jews and the World be damned!

Mohammed Morsi looks to me like an Egyptian Muslim version of Benito Mussolini – only far more evil and sly.

Elected and sworn in this past June, already making friends with Iran’s evil Twelver President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, he just acted as agent for Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, to negotiate a cease-fire on Wednesday.  He looks like a peace-makerright?

Today he announced he was assuming widespread [dictatorial] powers.  Why would his followers be upset?

It was the mobs in Tahrir Square that toppled Mubarak and brought him to power.  Embedded in those mobs was the Muslim Brotherhood – believing that the dawn of an Islamic caliphate and an end to Israel was at hand. 

Morsi is moving too slowly for them.  They want blood on their hands [yeah, real blood] – now!

Forces At Play:

Egypt’s 83,000,000 mostly poor people are mostly young and mostly Muslim. About 10% are Coptic Christians.

In military terms, they live in a ‘target-enriched’ high-density corridor; something both Egyptian and Israeli military planners are keenly aware of.

The most stable force is the military.  During the 60s and 70s – Egypt was a Russian client, built a large Soviet-style military – and lost every battle with the Israelis.  With the fall of the USSR, they shifted and are now US-equipped [mostly] and train with US forces.

The Egyptian army is far too large for a country lacking a direct threat. But it serves as an unemployment buffer – keeping young men in uniform, fed, paid, and off the streets.  It is ONLY US money doing that, and Morsi knows it.

The generals will back anybody who can keep the paychecks coming.

The Muslim Brotherhood – the original 20th Century Islamists and the basis of all the Muslim terrorist groups across the Islamic world.  They are the people who assassinated Anwar Sadat in 1981 – in the middle of a military parade.  They have murdered tourists at the Pyramids on a routine basis.  They would like the Sphinx and the Pyramids leveled.

They are absolute fanatics – they want a world-wide caliphate – and they REALLY want to kill everybody who is not Muslim.  They see Morsi’s peace-brokering as a sell-out.  They just burned one of his political offices.

Young Muslims – these folks overthrew the dictator Mubarak thinking they would get a modern democracy, and a chance to have a real thriving economy, jobs, money in their pockets, and a chance to get married. They’re totally screwed both by the MB, and by Morsi’s dictatorial ambitions.  They’ll be back in the streets again.

The Copts – peaceful and long-suffering, – they enjoyed protection under Mubarek.  Now they’re being murdered on a regular basis.


Chaos, bloodshed, riots in the streets, and assassinations.  It’s been this way for thousands of years in the Middle East, – a key reason people are so willing to live quietly under the protection of a strong king.

Obama has no clue, nor does anybody around him.  Hillary thought she was returning as a triumphant ‘peace-maker’ – only to find out she was used by a ruthless dictator in his power grap.

The Antiquities of Egypt – priceless windows into the rise of civilizations – may well end up in fires and being bulldozed.

The Military may become fed up.  Generals may make private deals – either with the US – or with Russia – or China.  While they have tanks, fuel, ammo, and paid soldiers, they can be the final deciding factor.  If the money stops, most of the draftees will return to their villages.

The US Congress – mostly the House – is in the mood to cut off the funding.  January will be a tense month – between Obama’s second inauguration and the push to cut off funding to Egypt.

The Suez Canal – is the big ‘oh shit’ in the puzzle.  When it was blocked in 1956  the UN supervised salvage teams which had it re-opened in a year.

Egypt blocked the canal again during the Six-Day War with Israel in 1967 – it remained blocked until 1975.  Industry responded by building super-tankers to bring Arab oil around Africa or across the Pacific.

Economically, Egypt never recovered from the loss of income.

Iran: The Twelvers – currently led by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad – will use Egypt, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Syrians, the Libyans, and the Iraqis as ‘proxy warriors’ – to wear down the West and Israel – until they are fully ready with enough nuclear bombs to wipe out Israel. 

Then they’ll start a war they hope will bring on the ‘end of days’ / Armageddon – when the Twelfth or ‘Hidden Imam’ will reveal himself and lead them all to Paradise.  There is little reasoning with people who want to die.

Not everybody in Egypt or the Middle East is ready to die though; Morsi should try to remember what happened to that other dictator – Mussolini.

Morsi gets 20 years


3 Responses to “The Reign Of King Morsi I”

  1. Tom

    Since the Camp David Accord in 1979, the Egytians receive $2b in Foreign Assistance and $1.3b in Foreign Military Funds for a total of $3.3b annually.
    The corruption on the upper echelons of the military is legendary. In addition to the foreign aid they have received weapons and weapon systems. If this aid and the technical assistance is not stopped this will ultimately be used not only against the Israelis, but also against us. Time to get tough with Morsi, set the terms or cut off the aid, all $3.3b.


    Well done Mike. I’ve been saying the same thing. There will be terrible times ahead. The young that really wanted a democracy were screwed, they got a dictator. I am predicting that this summer will be horrendous.

    This plan to blow up the pyramids will probably happen. Of course the U.N. can step in and promise the sun, moon and stars if only they will be good little boys and not blow up the pyramids they can have more money, guns, nuclear bombs, etc.

    Time to close the Suez Canal again? We’ll see.

  3. Walter Knight

    No one I know will ever visit the pyramids.