The REAL Gabriel Gomez: REVEALED!

Posted December 22nd, 2013 by Iron Mike

Former “Navy SEAL” calls Conservative Republicans  “Klan”, – the SAME language used by Obama’s new advisor John Podesta and grotesque Florida Democrat Alan Grayson.Gomez Rant
We knew that 2014 would be ugly.  Grayson,  Podesta, and now Gomez have taken a head start.
Grayson Podesta Gomez Klan
Gomez – who ran for the US Senate as a ‘Republican’ – has now revealed his inner core – he’s an anti-conservative, anti-Republican DEMOCRAT!

Podesta – a former Clinton lackey now recruited to save Obama’s flailing administration – just compared the GOP to the James Jones People’s Temple cult

Why is that bad?Jonestown 78 

James Jones took his followers to Guyana in South America in 1978, -then killed a visiting US Congressman, – and had his followers – 913 of them – drink poisoned Kool-Aid  Most of his followers were Black. 

It is from this event that pundits have coined the term “…to drink the Liberal Kool-Aid”.

Alan Grayson – a truly obnoxious South Florida congressman – recently compared the TEA Party to the Klu Klux Klan – in a campaign solicitation.  He has yet to apologize.  In fact he doubled down – telling a TV station “if the hood fits, wear it”.

So now comes former whirlwind Massachusetts senate candidate Gabirel “Navy SEAL” Gomez – the man who wouldn’t answer questions about his service or his contributions to Obama and Shuttleworth. 

He’s suddenly calling well-known and highly respected Republican activists “Klansmen”.
Gomez Facebook Rant

Really Gabe?  Why?  WHAT are you trying to prove, – and WHO are you trying to impress?  You need additional street creds with the Democrats here?  They all KNOW what side you’re on – you’re on THEIR SIDE!  Hell,  even Merrimac Street has started to figure that one out.

I knew you were a fraud when you wouldn’t answer my direct questions in Tewksbury.  You were the candidate with too many unanswered questions Gabe,  and unanswered questions only mean two things in politics – hidden agendas and cover-ups.  My instincts told me you came with both.

Suddenly you’re calling two well-known long-time Republican activists “Klansmen”?   You invoke the image of your kids in the same sentence?   That’s beyond a cheap shot Gabe – it borders on pimping your kids. 

Did you fire that shot on your own, – or clear it with first your gun-phobic wife?  Nice touch at Christmastime too….

What’s your agenda Gabe?  Are you trying to run for LtGov with Coakley?

FULL DISCLOSURE FOLKS:  I know both Eno and Pinto.  Both are good solid Republicans.  Eno works ~ if anything ~ harder than I do to run his blog RED MASS GROUP.  

Chris and I are friends, and I value all the hard work he’s done to try to help the City of Worcester turn itself around.  Mayor Joe Petty should work so hard!  They do not come more hard-working or honorable.  Mister Gomez has shown his true colors…

Is there a Republican here Gabriel Gomez

UPDATE: Mon 23 Dec 2013 Gomez goes on Herald Radio – and doubles down on his KLAN comment.

19 Responses to “The REAL Gabriel Gomez: REVEALED!”

  1. Tom

    At least we knew the fake indian’s agenda, but Gabe was always an enigma or just a closet Democrat. If they won’t answer the simple questions they should always be suspect (Charlie Baker we are talking about you too). This is no real surprise. If he contributed to Obama, we already knew he was a chameleon. He should never darken a GOP ballot again, but this is Rinochusetts.

  2. Jim Buba

    Help wanted! Need $14.3 million to run for U.S. Senate

  3. Lonnie Brennan

    Too nice to him though.
    This bastard fraud arrogant self-impressed heel needs to be pummeled out of Republican politics forever.

    HE IS EVIL to call conservatives (PRO-LIFE, PRO-CONSTITUTION) people Klan members.

  4. Casey Chapman

    Gomez is the most recent example of what I call a D.I.D. Liberal version of a RINO.

  5. whathehell

    God bless you R.R. You nailed it.
    Chris and Rob both helped Gabe in his campaign.
    Too bad Gabe Gomez dosen’t honor that.

  6. Jim Savage

    Chris- Thank you for making logical explanations of what ought to be. Wonder who put Gabe up to this nonsense? What he said is libelous and may warrant a nice little payment from him via the court.

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  8. John DiMascio

    Clearly Gabe is no genius…. Someone should school Mister Gomez on the history of the Klan…. It was founded by and was predominantly a Democrat organization…

    Further … El señor Gomez habla español como un gringo…con un acento Inglés

    You estudio español en la escuela secundaria hace treinta años y tengo una mejor pronunciación.

  9. sad4magop

    Gomez is the simply most disloyal human being I have ever witnessed in politics in my entire life. I know he was in the service, and in this day and age we tend to glorify those who serve, with good reason. But never forget that even in the military, as History reminds us, there are evil men. From his words and actions one thing is clear, nobody should ever want Gomez next to him in a foxhole. Gomez is the Benedict Arnold of the GOP. How much longer before we see Gomez waiving the white flag as he marches into City Hall to change his voter registration. Lesson to the MA GOP: If it walks like a Democrat and talks like a Democrat – it IS a Democrat! Merry Christmas.

  10. Sherox

    I think that Mr. Gomez will be having quite the new year. He is finished.

  11. Jim Gettens

    Gomez joins Richard Tisei and Charlie Baker among the ranks of truly warped, fraudulent, Massachusetts ‘Republicans.’

  12. Newton4G

    In politics, you are the company you keep. Anyone who supported Gabriel Gomez is a left-wing Democrat infiltrator of the Republican Party.

  13. Sam Adams

    Actually, Gabe is NOT a “traitor” to the Republican party. He fits right in with the rest of the fools in Boston and Washington. He’s a parrot!
    What we need is a NEW Republican Party, and with any luck, we’ll get enough donations to run the candy-asses out of office and put in some constitutionalists.
    Charlie Baker is not the only person running for governor. Mark Fisher is as well. A pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, small government, low taxes, fiscally responsible Republican. He can use all the help he can get. That means talking about him everywhere.
    Events change things. Elections have consequences.
    You want life here in the home of the homo-fascists to change? You have to make those changes yourself and not just talk about it.

  14. sad4magop

    Gomez is so lacking in character. He is a laughing stock. He goes on the radio at 9 AM and when given the opportunity, he stands by the words he uses and will not apologize. A few hours later, he apologizes. He proves to all that he is not a man of character, and he is especially not a man of conviction. He believes in nothing – not even his own words. He only apologized becasue the longer it went on, the more he was exposed as a fool.

  15. Hawk1776

    >> A few hours later, he apologizes. He proves to all that he is
    >> not a man of character, and he is especially not a man of conviction

    It shows that people need to carefully consider what they are posting on the internet before they hit “enter”. Clearly this was not one of his finest moments.

    On a more pleasant note, Merry Christmas to everyone.

  16. Keith Cody

    Michael Sullivan would have a better republican candidate in 2014 for Kerry’s seat.

  17. Keith Cody

    Correction, Michael Sullivan would have a better republican candidate in 2013 for John Kerry’s Senate seat. Not Gabriel Gomez. Michael Sullivan would have never made those comments.

  18. Lonnie Brennan

    I remember listening to Gomez on 680 WRKO on the eve of the election where he bragged that he was going to be topping the ticket, propelled by the Latino vote. He went on to specifically name cities where he would win: Lawrence, Lowell, etc. Wrong, wrong, wrong….

    Arrogant Gomez didn’t realize that a faked/poor Spanish accent and a last name wasn’t enough to fake out anyone.

    Sullivan was shunned day-1 by the establishment Rs, and sadly, he also made several missteps believing in promised help from infiltrators and saboteurs…. anyone remember his campaign manager and key support staff? And their actions??

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