The Media In Election SHOCK! Fun To Watch!

Posted December 26th, 2016 by Iron Mike

After 8 years of their arrogant lies – this stuff is hilarious!
I fully expect to watch this tape over 100 times – per year!

Enjoy, and don’t be selfish….share with your Democrat friends….

Whatever reason pushed these poor fools into journalism when they were young,….they grew so arrogant – so full of themselves, – – they really thought they were driving and controlling the agenda,…making the decisions for us.

Because they knew best – of course….

And they wonder why viewership and advertising is down….?

Since November 9th – how much time have you heard the Media spend asking what they did wrong,  – vs how much time have they been nit-picking Trump….?

8 Responses to “The Media In Election SHOCK! Fun To Watch!”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    I giggled through the entire video, but the very best part: Ann Coulter’s smile….. It said a million words….

  2. Johan Groesbeek

    Do we want a performer (Jacky Evancho ) at Trumps inauguration who is promoting transgender even for teens ??

    read also :


    Well Johan, we’re glad you’re reading RRB…

    …but since we hadn’t written anything about Miss Evancho, – we wonder what prompted you to rant about it….

    …particularly since you are using a British IP that traces to Germany….

    If you aren’t American, – really,…what fucking business is it of yours who Trump invites to sing on the 20th?

    Miss Evancho’s sister was born a boy – and is now a girl. SO WHAT? How does that effect Miss Evancho’s singing voice?

    Maybe you should piss off – stand down, and just enjoy the music…?

  3. Mt Woman

    These so-called expert pundits are so full of themselves it actually made me feel nauseous vs giddy. Who’s that black Brit? He said that he was in the throws of diarrhea? Thankfully I was home and not a member of his stinky studio–what a sad pack of jackals we have allowed to infiltrate our media. God SAVE AMERICA!

  4. Sherox

    They need to get over themselves. They really think the world of themselves, don’t they?

  5. Raymond Smithson

    Give em Donald J. Trump, the media is over paid, live with it you Rats

  6. Jim Gettens

    …And there were repeated allusions to Trump’s taped comments made years ago about ‘grabbing pussy’ and how offensive that was.

    Well, Trump actually has grabbed a PUSSY.

    Here’s the photographic proof!:

  7. Catherine

    The depth of self-deception is BREATH-TAKING. And everything that they claim to want – they then castigate – and everything they claim to decry – is what they themselves ARE, represent, or espouse by their actions.

    Matthew 24:4 “Take heed that no one deceive you.” He starts *and ends* the Olivet Discourse with this warning. It serves us ALL, at all times. These poor self-deluded fools are walking straight off a cliff and don’t see it.

  8. Jim Gettens

    The Delusional Democrat Echo Chamber persists, with the Delusional Teleprompter-Dependent Dope-in-Chief still going at it: