The Man Obama Feared – And Still Does!

Posted March 8th, 2014 by Iron Mike

His CPAC-2012 speech – promising a video completely vetting the fraud in the White House – got him killed.
Breitbart  we're going to VET him
The ‘Media’ remained complicitly silent.   Now we must ALL be Breitbart!  Listen to him again…

Remember that the Occupy Movement was besieging CPAC…

Michael CormierSo terrified was the Obama-Soros Cartel of how Andrew’s video might destroy Obama’s re-election prospects,

– they managed for Andrew to ‘have a heart attack’ just 20 days later.

Then ~ somehow ~ the Los Angles coroner who performed the autopsyMichael Cormier – dies of arsenic poisoning on April 20th – the day his report was released.

They can’t silence us all!   Watch what you eat,  watch who comes up to you, – stay alert, – and keep spreading the TRUTH!

One Response to “The Man Obama Feared – And Still Does!”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    Like I have said time and time again, there are no coincidences. The sudden death of Andrew Brietbart and Michael Cormier was nothing more than Obamacide. The truth will probably never be know, but those of us who understand the mission of the left know that this was no coincidence.