The Left’s Back-Door Impeachment Ploy

Posted June 16th, 2017 by Iron Mike

The Left has an evil vision;  – if they can’t impeach Trump they’ll make his existence so miserable that he’ll resign.  They don’t really care how,  – they just want him discredited,  vanquished,  – and GONE!

With those 8 Obama years, – they were well on their way to destroying our Constitution and establishing a Progressive Regime with Hillary as their figurehead “First Woman President”.
Trump came along and spoiled everything!  

The Left is well aware that Trump’s done nothing remotely wrong.   That’s not their issue,  – they want him thoroughly discredited and GONE!

They want Republicans demoralized and in disarray for the 2018 mid-term elections,  – where they hope to shift the balance of power back to the Progressives.

SO I’LL PREDICT…..that Special Counsel Robert Mueller impanels a Federal Grand Jury to listen to witness testimony – including from every Republican Soros wants out of Congress….

…and although Grand Jury proceedings are ~ supposed ~ to be SECRET….

…somehow every day there will be nuggets leaked….

The objective is NOT to collect usable evidence;….it is to keep Republicans fearful,  paralyzed,  and unable to run the government…..

…and of course to feed the Propaganda Ministry!


…that Trump will prove no different that all the other Republicans they’ve encountered.  They’re betting he will tire, weaken, and give in or give up.  All the rest always do.

Not since Abe Lincoln took office has a President ever been under siege like this.

We have to hope that Melania proves as tough as Nancy Reagan,  – indeed that the whole Trump family is made of more patriotic and sterner fiber that the Democrats have ever seen.

You can help! Send postcards of encouragement at least weekly.   Postcards go right through,  – no time wasted in the postal clearing facility.

President Donald Trump
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue – NW
Washington,  DC  20500

5 Responses to “The Left’s Back-Door Impeachment Ploy”

  1. Vic

    Way ahead of you there, Mike! We sent in a Thank You card to the President signed by ten people two weeks ago to thank him for getting us out of the CLimate Treaty fiasco. I recommend getting all your friends to sign on, and let’s remind Pres. Trump that we still have his back!

  2. GreenBeretLTC

    I have faith…..

    President Trump in like no other Republican in my lifetime, anyway. He’ll dig in and fight to the end. He didn’t reach his level of success by taking sh!t from anyone. And his ego won’t let him be taken down without a fight of the century.

    I can see Trump paraphrasing GEN. Mathis: Nobody keeps me awake at night. I keep other people awake”….

  3. GreenBeretLTC

    I wanted to add, I think that the Left’s behavior is so outlandish that it will only solidify every Trump 2016 voter and piss off enough of their voters that in 2020 some won’t vote and others might just, out of justice, switch over to Trunp and he gets re-elected….

  4. Kojack

    The SPINELESS GOP rolling over for the mal-content minority as they have since 2010 for the party of the gimme crowd is slowing down PRESIDENT TRUMP’S pro-American legislative agenda more than the anti-American DEMOCRAPS are.

    In addition to the morale-boosting post-card campaign, I think we should circulate a list of RiNO’s to be primaried next year in an effort to replace them with Freedom Caucus type Republicans. At the very least it might scare some of them into getting on the Trump train if they see their names on it. At best it will be successful and the last two years of the first term will give Trump enough leverage to steam-roll his legislation thru.

  5. Sonny's Mom

    CNN’s 6/18 online poll asked, “Should President Trump be investigated for obstruction?” 2,652,222 responses – 70% said “no”.