The Icky Sleazy Biden Family Saga

Posted March 3rd, 2017 by Iron Mike

At first blush a family too often visited by tragedy and death.  Just leave them alone to grieve….   But then you keep learning more and more….and some of it is downright tawdry!

AND for 8 long years Joe Biden – our “National Village Idiot” was just one heartbeat away from being President.  Had anything happened,….much of this sleaze would have been right in the White House….

OK,…there may be no ‘perfect families’,…and we can’t pick our relatives….. But grown-ups – adults – can and should be held responsible for their behavior….

Joe Biden’s oldest son Beau seems to have been the responsible one – joined the Delaware Guard as a JAG officer, – was twice elected State Attorney General,…married a school administrator and fathered two Children.  Beau died in May 2015 of brain cancer…..

The timing was terrible for Joe,  who was weighing his own run against Hillary for the White House.

Younger son Hunter had just been kicked out of the US Navy – for pissing hot when he reported for his first 2-week tour as an “Information Officer”.

Then before the grass was growing on Beau’s grave,….Hunter was again making headlines when his email turned up on a leaked list of Ashley Madison accounts.  

Hunter’s wife Kathleenmother of his 3 teenage daughters – departed as Hunter took himself deeper and deeper into drugs, strip joints, prostitutes,…..not the stuff you want teenage girls having to explain to their friends….

So Biden sat out 2016,  Queen Hillary lost ignominiously,…Trump won,….and Obama retired in quiet for all of 3 weeks….and is now trying to run a ‘shadow government’.

And the Bidens are making headlines again,…at least in the tabloids,….and it’s kind of stomach-churning…..

It seems that Beau’s grieving lonely widow Hallie has begun ‘dating’ the suddenly available Hunter,…

….even as Hunter’s ex-wife Kathleen is asking a DC judge to order him to stop squandering the family money on hookers and drugs….

What the HELL do these people tell their children…?

The kicker?  Village Idiot Joe says “he’s happy Hallie and Hunter have found each other….”

3 Responses to “The Icky Sleazy Biden Family Saga”

  1. Raymond Smithson

    This might prove interesting at a later date…

  2. Sherox

    That is icky and sleazy.

  3. Sonny's Mom

    Please don’t judge all German Shepherds by the inexcusable conduct of certain humans.