The GOP Tax Plan Is OUT!

Posted November 2nd, 2017 by Iron Mike

Let the weeping,  the sniveling,  and the moaning of “all the unmet needs” begin….

The wailing on the Propaganda Ministry stations will be so horrendous,  – it might almost make you want to watch professional football again,…or turn it off and read a book,…or clean your guns….

4 Responses to “The GOP Tax Plan Is OUT!”

  1. Vic

    I love the smell of Hoppe’s


  2. hddan

    I have the perfect answer to “how will they pay for it”? You don’t have to pay for a tax cut at all. All that you have to do is to cut the spending back to be equal to or less than your revenue. Kind of like what us normal folks have done when we had to take lesser paying jobs under Obama. Kind of like when we go to the Stop and Shop. We don’t buy what we can’t pay for.

  3. Mt Woman

    It almost doesn’t matter what the tax plan outlines, the Dem talking points will remain the same (pick one or all that apply): tax exemptions for the rich; tax loopholes for Trumps friends; Wall Street will benefit; big pharma and industry will benefit most; the little guy will get slammed; single mothers with small children will suffer most; hard working families who earn less than $100,000/yr will pay more; no one will ever buy a house again; children will suffer; my IRA will suffer; my family owned business will fail under the tax burden; minorities will suffer most. Let’s see, what target group have I left out?

  4. Sherox

    Oh, the horror! Oh,the pain! Republicans want to kill children and Grandma! Then the jellyfish will cave and slither back into the deep.