The “Good Terrorist” At Orly Airport

Posted March 18th, 2017 by Iron Mike

The ONLY ‘good’ terrorist – is a DEAD terrorist!

For decades liberal France has allowed itself to be overrun with Muslim “refugees”,   few of whom attempted to ‘become French’.  There have been terrorist attacks in Paris and across France going back decades,  and the French – desperate for tourism – downplayed them.

This morning a known radicalized Muslima man on the French watch list – was involved in shooting at police at a checkpoint.  Then he drove a stolen car to Orly Airport,…

.and targeted a female French Air Force soldier guarding the place – tried to grab her automatic rifle.

Somehow she managed to hang on….thank God!

He then ran inside, tried to hide, and was hunted down and shot by other soldiers.

One less jihadi – (likely won’t get any virgins) – but a major world airport on lockdown, with hundreds of flights diverted to Charles de Gaulle Airport.

Meanwhile here in the USA – two Obama-appointed Harvard graduate judges are willing to risk your life by holding up Trump’s immigration and travel ban,….despite the President being in full compliance with US Law.


It’s only a matter of WHEN….


Your Muslim killers WILL target the smaller,  – weaker – female cops and soldiers…..   NO!  You are NOT equal!


Stop putting these 7th Century barbarians on “watch lists”,   and start putting them on boats back to Africa and the Middle East!

UPDATE: Monday 20 March 2017 Watch how easily this large Muslim overpowers the small female soldier – who is walking bored and unaware of danger behind her.

ANY TIME you put a cop or a soldier on a post,  – they become a TARGET for bad guys….

It’s no damned place for AA/EEO or munchkins!

3 Responses to “The “Good Terrorist” At Orly Airport”

  1. Walter Knight

    Those judges should be impeached for trying to impose their politics on America rather than following the law and Constitution.

  2. GreenBeretLTC

    Two guys I’m sure are beneficiaries of the death penalty’s deterant potential….

  3. Blossom Stiefel

    This is about rolling back the clock on the Obama Administration’s reckless abdication of responsibility on the issue of national security.

    President Trump has the authority to issue orders to protect Americans from harm. These two liberal judges created new rights out of thin air, which gives everyone in the world a future affirmative right to immigrate to the United States. That would mean the end of the U.S. as we know it.

    The intolerant left is changing the rules on law and ethics–and our Constitution. We cannot allow that to continue, we must stand with President Trump and support him.