The Erie Silence Of Niki Tsongas

Posted February 24th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Either doesn’t have a clue,…or she’s afraid to speak up!Tsongas mindless fixation body armor
Obama’s willing idiot
SecDef Chuck Hagel – announces plans to shrink our military, scrap the A-10 Warthog, and drop the US Army to pre-WWII strength levels.

And all this with a world even more dangerous than when Bill Clinton or Jimmy Carter were in office.  North Korea, China, Venezuela, Egypt, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Sudan all represent near-immediate threats.  Then there is the trouble between Ukraine and Russia…   So WHY is Niki Tsongas Tsilent?

More importantly,  WHY is Obama weakening our Armed Forces?

1. He fundamentally hates the idea of a powerful ‘imperial’ America.

2. As an anti-colonialist – schooled first in Muslim Indonesia – he hates the ‘trappings of empire’ such as a powerful military.

3. He doesn’t care if America is given a series of bloody noses around the world – exactly like Benghazi or Blackhawk Down – the Mogadishu debacle.

4. He needs the money to fund his gigantic boondoggle ObamaCare – he’s robbing $$ from the military to fund IRS and HHS bureaucrats!

Why doesn’t Niki Tsongas care – and say something?

Niki Tsongas - War on Babies

Niki Tsongas is widely regarded as the 3rd stupidest Congresswoman currently serving.  We who know her fully understand she was elected on the strength of her dead husband’s name – and on the word association of the hockey rink named after him in Lowell, MA, – where she pretends to live.

Sitting on the House Armed Services Committee she has been utterly useless, – fixated on victimhood, – i.e. ‘inadequate body armor’ and the problem of female soldiers being raped [a problem we warned Pat Schroeder about as she was excoriating the Navy in particular and the military in general after Tailhook].

Now we have a military full of females – over 10% routinely pregnant – and Tsongas is making rapes her cause célèbre. While RRB in no way excuses rape, – the fact is that the rate of rapes in the military is no higher than on college campuses.

But Niki is a Progressive – her personal views of politics centers on victimhood – to the exclusion of real world problems – like Obama deliberately and systematically weakening our armed forces.  Anti-war and thus anti-military since her high school days – a weakened US Military seems to satisfy her sense of balance.


Any casual student of history knows that weakness invites invasion and attack.

We are weak across our Southern Border – so Mexicans walk across almost at will – as illegal immigrants, as drug smugglers, and sometimes as human slaves.

Al Qaeda – bin Laden – saw us as weak and attacked us in Yemen [USS Cole] and later on 9/11.

In 1917 Lenin saw the Czar as weak, and fomented a revolution.

In 1939 Hitler saw France, England, and Russia as weak, and started WWII.

In 1941, Japan saw us as weak, and bombed Pearl Harbor, invaded the Philippines , Singapore, French Indochina, Burma, and the Dutch East Indies.

In 1950, Kim Il-sung saw us as weak and invaded South Korea.

In 1961, sensing weakness in the West, Khrushchev built the Berlin Wall, and the following year – still seeing Kennedy as weak, placed missiles in Cuba.

In 1979, Iranian fundamentalist saw the US as weak and seized our embassy.

In 1982 Argentina saw Britain as weak, and invaded the Falkland Islands.

In 1990 Saddam Hussein saw us as weak and invaded Kuwait.

Throughout History, most nations and empires who showed weakness were invaded, attacked, over-run, and destroyed.  Few survived combined onslaughts.

But now Obama is setting us up to be unable to respond to a two-pronged attack.  Think anybody out there will notice?  Who might find it convenient if our Army is 60,000 soldiers smaller, – 60,000 combat-seasoned soldiers smaller?

And Tsongas…remains silent….  Is she stupid, – or a co-conspirator?

3 Responses to “The Erie Silence Of Niki Tsongas”

  1. Casey Chapman

    I’d place my bets on co-conspirator. IF we had a real pResident in office, none of this would be happening. Obama should have been impeached long ago, along with his VP and Hillary.

  2. MC

    Could it be that Zero is setting the next President up for military failure, as it takes time to recruit, equip and train a seasoned military?

    Perhaps this ‘Constitutional Law Professor’ has forgotten the specific provisions of Article I, Section 8, paragraphs 11 – 15, – which give Congress the duty and power to raise and equip Armies, a Navy, and the Militias…

  3. Hawk1776

    Pretty scarey. The military virtually disbanded after WW2 and had little available when Korea blew up. Perhaps I’m dreaming, but hopefully Congress won’t let this happen. I don’t know whether it can be done through executive order.

    Obama is blatantly anti-military, blatantly United States and totally incompetent. The decision isn’t surprising.