The CSpan3 Summit: What Did You See?

Posted February 25th, 2010 by Iron Mike

Whew! Nearly seven hours of discussion, – yes the PrezO actually fell asleep once,  and the Village Idiot kept nodding off.  So what was the result?

I watched a lot of it. Obama was clearly annoyed, even angered to hear Republicans tell him that their voters didn’t want the ObamaCare package.  His anger and his pique kept flashing across his face, – he scowled a lot.  After the lunch break his demeanor was more mellow.  Perhaps he took medication.  But he never gave up the campaign, – the sales pitch. And he closed the meeting with a veiled threat to use “the nuclear option” – reconciliation – if necessary to pass the existing bill in six weeks.  To me it sounded like “Get on board, or get run over!”

OK,  I’m going to oversimplify in the cause of brevity.  If you want the whole thing blow by blow – I’m pretty sure CSpan will rebroadcast the saga for weeks. I saw Republicans deliver clear proposals – with good numbers – which would lower health care costs. One was the Texas plan for tort reform. Another was the licensing of insurance companies across state lines. They also delivered [very politely] solid critiques of the stalled ObamaCare plan – such as the double and triple counting of “savings” to offset the total cost.  It was the presentation of these very solid facts that seemed to really irk Obama. I could see his whole body stiffen.

By contrast the assembled Democrats argued with heart-wrenching vignettes about sick children, lost insurance, denied insurance, and dead mothers. None of them – as I judged by their facial expressions and body language – were willing to concede any Republican points, – or any shortcomings in their bill. They want the whole damn thing, – they’re not interested in Republican ideas. They won’t consider tort reform or cross-border insurance sales. [The trial lawyers are getting their money’s worth.]  Judging just by their faces and body language, – I think they’d already been told that today was just a charade – Kabuki theater – and that Obama and the Dems will attempt reconciliation come mid-April, – probably just before Tax Day.

The final tip-off for me was the anger that exploded out of Nancy Pelosi at the wrap-up. She was damn near spitting she was so mad,  rebuking Republicans for claiming that the bill would use federal money to pay for abortions and that some senior citizens would lose Medicare coverage. The Botox was getting it’s ultimate test, – and it failed.

Anybody watching this today [or the re-runs] must come away realizing that these are not “Democrats” in power now, – these are hard-core Progressives and Socialists, – and they intend to ram this thing down our throats.  TEA Parities take note – you’ve gotten their attention, – but they’re still pretending they can’t hear you, – and the most arrogant of them think you’re too stupid to understand these “bipartisan” maneuvers.  Senator Scott Brown is now directly in the crosshairs!

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

2 Responses to “The CSpan3 Summit: What Did You See?”

  1. Eccd

    They are not listening to the majority of people who DO NOT WANT Obamacare. Do they not understand why we voted for Scott Brown (to be the 41st vote against this). Now they’re going to use reconcilliation and shove it down our throats.

    How can they not understand that cuts in Medicare are being proposed to create a new entitlement program!

    Niki Tsongas sure isn’t listening. I keep calling and writing her and keep getting the same reply. I hope we can kick her out of office!

    I am so frustrated!

  2. B Howell

    Did you all notice how professorial Obama was? Everyone addressed him as Mr. President but he could not bear to give anyone else a title, such as, Senator. He was instructing, contradicting and correcting all those poor fools. He even had to remind John McCain that he won and the election was over.

    Apparently there were some citizens who didn’t realize that the Republicans actually have a plan. They never heard about it on MSM.