The Bowe Bergdahl Dilemma

Posted June 2nd, 2014 by Iron Mike

I have a few thoughts, – and none of them will satisfy those who have already made up their minds.
Bergdahl POW Swap
Are we looking at a traitor, a deserter, a drug addict who wandered off, – or a kid raised by hippie parents who never had a set of core values?  If we are to believe what we’re told – Bergdahl’s behavior prior to his disappearance raises questions.

Allegations of making anti-American or anti-Army statements – are allegations, – not proven facts.

Obama's only successful military operation

Whatever role his ~ slightly unusual ~ parents may have played – remain unknown today. [Remember that we have a ~ slightly unusual ~ pResident too…].

Bergdahls - his own mother

Has Bergdahl changed and/or grown up any after 5 years living with the rock maggots? Let’s wait before we pass judgment.


With him safely back, his generation of soldiers are now spared the 40 – 50 year guilt trip endured by Korean and Vietnam War veterans – always wondering who was left to rot in enemy hands.

This fact alone may ~ almost ~ justify Obama’s decision, – although you may rest assured that it played NO PART in his decision.

With him back, we are now free to bomb the piss out of the folks who were holding him. I strongly suspect there were many chances to do that, – chances which were by-passed in favor of not turning Bergdahl into ‘collateral damage’.


He may be a ‘survivor’.  The media will be after him – anything for a ‘feel-good story’ – to distract from the unending saga of scandals and failures that is the Obama Cartel’s Daily Diet.

But he is still [for now] a US Soldier – subject to military discipline, military orders, – and possibly military justice. He may be ‘home safe’ – but he is not yet a ‘free man’.

That said, – with his parents standing with the pResident yesterday, – don’t expect the wrath of the UCMJ to be lowered on Bergdahl any time soon. That press conference was the next best thing to a presidential pardon.

Hero Obama with Bergdahls
Whatever sins Bergdahl committed five years ago are now forgiven by Obama’s need for his own ‘feel-good moment’.

I’m willing to wait awhile – for the debriefings – and for the UCMJ to work. If Obama interferes – exercises undue ‘command Influence’, – it will be his misdemeanor.

At this point – Sergeant Bergdahl is once again a pawn on the political chess board. What the Army may be told not to ask however – Congress surely can!   And should!

How soon now will Biden blab the names of the guys who flew in to make the pick-up?

UPDATE: Wednesday 25 March 2015 FINALLY! Under pressure from Fox News and Bill O’Reilly – and nearly 10 months after the exchange, – the US Army is charging this treasonous coward [Bergdahl – not Obama] with Desertion. Hell, Make it a package deal…

Let’s see if Daddy shaves for the court-martial….

11 Responses to “The Bowe Bergdahl Dilemma”

  1. Casey Chapman

    As long as Reid is in charge of the senate, nothing will be done about the fact that Obama broke the law by doing the exchange without the required 30 day notice. Bergdahl needs to be courtmartialed. Period.

  2. Hawk1776

    I am fine with reserving judgement on Sergeant Bergdahl. Not so on a president who traded five terrorists who were safely incarcerated in Guantanamo. Obama violated an age old American position not to negotiate with terrorists and violated a law he himself signed. The Obama years will be known as a period of anti-Americanism. He should be impeached but probably the best we can do is to minimize the damage and elect a Republican in the next election.

  3. Tom Gilroy

    Bowe’s father is the self proclaimed advocate for the terrorists currently incarcerated in GITMO, what is this all about, could it be the 2014 elections? Obama to keep his pledge to close it down as the Surrender in Chief continues to operate outside of his constitutional powers.

  4. Varvara

    How many more will be captured so that more Gitmo animals can be released?

  5. MC

    With the VA scandal expanding and exploding on all levels, I find it convenient that this political theater came up at this time even though these so called negotiations have been going on for years.

    Was any mention of the soldiers who lost their lives because of this incident?

  6. AL

    Very similar to the TV Show Homeland. Considering those that searched and lost their lives looking for this person who did not seem to know who he was himself, the father looks not only like a sympathizer but a Muslim. I guess I am struggling with the beard.

  7. Al

    What the heck, his Father is weaving in some sort of Arabic language to while in the press conference speaking to his son. Also he is proud of what his son was willing “to do” to help. And the mother is most tankful to the government of Qatar…. WOW. There is more to this, but we may never know the whole story.

  8. Walter Knight

    I’ll judge Bergdahl now.

    This traitor cost lives of real soldiers sent searching for him. He’s not a real sergeant, either. He was ‘promoted’ after he went AWOL, after he left his weapon and equipment at his guard post.

    The prisoner exchange was just an excuse by Obama to free Muslim terrorists from GITMO. If Obama can justify their release, he can justify letting the rest go, too.

    Traitors all around in this Administration.

  9. Walter Knight

    You can always tell who is lying or telling the truth by waiting for National Security Advisor Susan Rice to make a comment. She will always lie.

    Her latest comment is to say that Bergdahl served with “honor and distinction.” Now it comes out that Bergdahl left a note when he deserted, renouncing his citizenship.

    But then, Rice’s definition of “honor and distinction” has always been skewed. She has no honor, and isn’t capable of distinction.

  10. Blossom

    Unbelievable! On top of the recent VA scandal, this outrage. The Bergdahl family seems to be a part of the Muslim “community” and against America. This President illegally released five Jihadists and we got a Jihad convert in the deal.
    Between the Terrorists in key White House positions to “protect”
    us we now have dangerous terror leaders waiting to attack us again, G-d forbid.

  11. William Clark

    Now somthing I agree on with most other stuff on this site being BS. This is about a true blunder. We sent five prisioners for one questionable soldier. This almost makes me as upset as when GW Bush sent back 200 prisioners for nothing.


    When will you get over your hatred of Bush?