The $40 Screw Job

Posted February 16th, 2012 by Iron Mike

Is the pending 2% tax-cut deal proof that David Axelrod is way smarter than all the Congressional Republicans?

Are Republicans tacitly admitting they’re not clever enough to explain simple math to the voters this year?

Or are they so used to being bullied that they’re caving in for fear of being called ‘meanies’ this election year?

In either case – your grandchildren will pick up the tab [plus interest] for this horrible and needless $40- sell-out.

You see, Axelrod managed to reduce the argument to a simple $40.oo/week gimmick, and it was enough to bully the wimpy RiNOs and Republicrats.

Rep. Dave Camp (R)MI 4th – said ‘the bill isn’t done yet, lawmakers are still hashing out the “legislative language” of the bill behind closed doors’.  TRANSLATION: ‘furiously attaching EARMARKS!

Some Republicans were trying to explain away their acquiescence as a necessary election year tactic – so that Democrats couldn’t hammer them about being heartless to the long-term unemployed.  Allen West is the rare exception!

Practical or pragmatic, I’m still left wondering if these so-called Republicans will ever have the courage to stand united against the Obama Cartel?

It looks like a clear case of ‘go along – as long as I get my earmark’. Or maybe better said as ‘What the Hell – I’ll be dead before your grandkids have to start paying for this!

These gutless wonders even dropped the part where ‘low-income’ people have to show a SSN to get an unemployment check, – so illegal immigrants will continue to receive unemployment benefits.

I stopped using the title ‘The Honorable’ when writing to Congress Critters years ago. There’s very little honor left there – and most of what little you do find is in the paintings on the walls.

/s/ Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

Did I mention…these clowns are taking ALL NEXT WEEK – OFF!

2 Responses to “The $40 Screw Job”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    This is just another example of bipartisan surrender which is an affliction only of the Republicans. There are very few, you can count them on one hand, who have the stones to stand up before the cartel. We obviously can’t depend on them we have to vote this disaster out of office and as many house and senate members that have failed there responsibility to the people that elected them. Going on vacation, how can you tell the difference?

  2. Flick

    It’s sad that when you voted for Scott Brown you didn’t know he’d turn into a verb.