The 2014 Mid-Term Lines Are Drawn

Posted October 19th, 2013 by Iron Mike

36 year Democrat politician, – in Congress since 2007 – calls the TEA Party “Domestic Enemies”!  He has previously labeled the Republican opposition to ObamaCare as ‘telling lies like Goebbels’.
Steve Cohen  TN 9th CD
He also thought a Victoria Secret model was his daughter. She’s not. Video below the fold:

Folks, when the ‘tolerant Democrats’ fear the TEA Party enough to call them domestic enemies – with a straight face – you know the mid-terms next year are going to be a nasty event.

Meanwhile, you can reach Mister Cohen in DC at (202) 225-3265
or in Memphis: (901) 544-4131
Memphis Unemployment

One Response to “The 2014 Mid-Term Lines Are Drawn”

  1. Casey Chapman

    The more they squeal like pigs, the more desperate they really are. This should be entertaining.

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