“Thank You For Your Service”

Posted November 10th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Appreciating” our veterans is a worthy endeavor.
TY for Your Service


As a veteran,  I’m glad when folks say ‘Thank you’.  That’s a huge change from when I first got back from Vietnam and people would say ugly things like “…too bad you weren’t killed!”

Today, our Nation is in DEEP TROUBLE, – because our average citizens are far removed from want and danger. They’ve come to see ‘government’ as their provider, – a guarantor of the easy life.  It’s rapidly bankrupting us,  – and if it continues,  – it will lead to civil strife.

You need to do way more than say a simple ‘thank you’.

You need to inform yourselves about government,  politics,  the economy,  our Constitution,  and the corrupt and evil politicians who are ignoring our Constitution.
USS Franklin

In all my life,  I never once met a soldier who was serving or fighting for Socialism.  

No American died in combat fighting
to by-pass our Constitution or tear America down

Americans didn’t fight and die liberating Europe from Nazi Socialism so their grandchildren might live under American Socialism.
 You owe them better
Young Americans didn’t die stopping the spread of Communism in Korea and Vietnam so their children could grow up under an American Communist pResident.

Nobody I ever met in uniform was there to ensure ‘spreading the wealth around’.  Those men would share a cigarette,  or their last canteen of water,  or help carry a heavy load up a mountain.  But there were no communists.Shared Load
The communists were the little rascals we were trying to kill.

The dead heroes I was honored to soldier with would puke if they could see what you’ve let our Republic become.

If you voted for a Progressive Democrat – you voted for a socialist!  If you voted for Obama – you were fooled [maybe easily fooled] into voting for a Socialist.   2014 is when you fix it!

Thank you for your service”  is nice.  Now damnit  – show us you mean it!

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  1. CA Girl

    Telling it like it is — that’s Iron Mike! I will say thank you for your service then, and your service NOW too, in continuing to shine the light and expose this crook for what he is! And all the crooks who are in cahoots with him! Sadly, people are still idiots and don’t get it.

  2. Larry Redmond

    Super BLOG and sure on target. I also fear if we don’t wake up there will be civil strife and it won’t be pretty. Our veterans and serving military personnel have given us the freedoms we now casually throw away in order to get more GOV’T handouts. We are dooming our grandchildren. Thanks for your service Mike and keep up the good work. Lots of folks are starting to listen.

  3. Casey Chapman

    My husband, a Vietnam Vet and I are marching in a Veteran’s Day parade today. In Saugus, MA. I’ll be playing pipes, and he’ll be playing the bass drum. Parade is along Central Ave., and starts at 10:15.

  4. Jim Buba

    I served in the USAF (1974-86).

    The day I reported for Basic Training set the tone for the remainder of my tours in places some of you would not imagine and too many more would not understand the importance.

    I joined the USAF because quite frankly, the Vietnam Police Action was coming to a close. Safe with a medium high Draft Lottery number, my college foray was less important. The only reason I begged, borrowed and stole a seat at Salem State College in 1972 was to avoid served in Vietnam. It was the semi-popular thing to do.

    Some of you remember the 1960’s. Too many today haven’t had the chance to read about any of it. The mention of it in schools today is but a raunchy testimony of those who also never served. The truth still escapes historians, and yes sadly, those historians might never be read since the Academenutz and Public School Teachers are fastidiously eliminating all mention of anything done well by the United States. Seems appropriate to eliminate U.S. History from the Curriculum; using Common Core if necessary, rather than re-writing the history and be blatant about the skullduggery of disinformation.

    But I digress. On 19 July, 1974, shortly after taking the roll in the darkness of a San Antonio night, the man that became my Technical Instructor; Technical Sergeant Lucky, admonished all of us ‘long-hairs’ for joining the USAF instead of the Army or Navy to merely get a job. There was a hint of bitterness in his voice, for good reason I shall not include here.

    TSgt Lucky also grinned after he said that. He added some words about the Vietnam War coming to a close and how most, if not all, of us felt safer in the service now that the prospects of war were dim.

    And then he shouted, as only a TI could, “Well you’ve got another think coming!” He told us flat out that Turkey had just invaded Cyprus and because of that it was his job to ensure that all of the recruits under his wing were to be taught the methods and psychology of war. He also added that we should expect everything, assume nothing and prepare for the worst.

    While Turkey was stopped from over-running the tiny Mediterranean island, it did come with a price. Greek Cypriots were rounded up and marched out of the ‘Turkish Zone’. Behind them they were ordered to leave everything. Some were killed on the way, because of course the Academenutz will opine it is the thing to do; harass, bully or kill a few strong voices to better control the weak.

    To this day, thirty-nine years later, Greek Cypriots are given the run-around over compensation long promised by the ‘moderate’ Turks. You understand that Turkey was a bribed NATO ally; given membership in a system designed to provide top-notch, U.S. military knowledge, equipment and training in exchange for the ‘In-your-face forward positioning of U.S. troops on Russia’s Cold War doorstep.

    Turkey is not our friend and so long as one Greek breathes life, they shall never be. They are a little smarter in the approach, pushing the violent effort of islam by means of radical support for U.S. enemies with as little notice as possible. The fact that they do not angrily espouse such in public does not mean they are not a vicious, sap-sucking society of some critical importance. To whom or what exactly is clear to some. Just ask any Kurd or Armenian.

    I grew up in 1974. It seems that everything I tried to avoid back then has become the reality of my life and life’s pursuit. Men, returning soldiers; land, air and sea, were squeezed into Fort George G. Meade for that transitional period of ‘Hot Combat’ and Peaceful society. This they did awaiting discharge, which came as a cost-savings policy under President Carter. Those Austere Years of home-grown communist policy nearly sank the U.S., if only by accident in the 1970s.

    Were it not for the brazen act of seizure of the U.S. Embassy by the Ayatollah in 1979, this Veteran’s Day essay would stop after the Cyprus-scare. Had Carter’s policies not had a shred of possible truth, none of it would be popular. While Republicans were regrouping to weather the blow brought upon the party by President Nixon, Democrats advanced their racist and divisive policies to cater if you will, to the newly formed OPEC, in these United States.

    It seems reasonable to suggest that OPEC has funded the terrorists of the world; even if only by bribery, against all of us. Starting with Yassir Arafat’s PLO and continuing through today; including the 9-11 act of war, OPEC oil money has become our apparent undoing.

    It should not go unstated that the Organization of Oil Producing Nations specifically excludes the United States and Russia. Does anyone question this? I thought so.

    In the late 18th Century, brave and intelligent men secretly plotted and conspired to overthrow the British Crown in the Colonies of North America. From house to house, safe-houses actually, they met, talked, and left as quietly as they had arrived. Veterans of the Revolutionary War were thirty-six years or so senior and the Redcoats returned to attempt a re-taking of their property and rights.

    Today, the reasons and spark of the War of 1812 are quite lost in the rhetoric of stupidity. NPR produced a documentary relative to the battles and emphasized the effort against British interests north of the St. Lawrence River and surrounds as the chief cause.

    Maybe so, there are elements of truth laying about every cutting room floor. Too few recognize the importance of the British effort to invade, pillage and burn the capitals of the not-so-newly formed States of the Union. It seems incredible that the loss of the written words of nearly forty years of legislation by the Nation and its member States wins no mention. Perhaps it is too much of a stretch to suggest that without written records as proof, so much of the claims laid by any side have any merit or standing in any argument or court.

    It is during that period of U.S. History that the eyes of the interested might be well appraised to focus. 1812-1824 hides a secret that needs to be published, but even I must admit that much of the proof necessary to convince most has long been burned. The surviving remnants are easily dismissed, which is the Modus Operendi of the parties that would sooner have us undone.

    Between then and now, men; today women, have answered the call. Once confronted with the realities of the politics of world domination, they become dedicated servants of the right. Perhaps that is why the Obama Administration illegally uses Profiling as a policy against us all; naming Veterans as terrorists worthy of harassment, bullying and investigation. (Operation Vigilant Eagle)

    I am a veteran, but I did not see open combat. Democrats in the United States today are being led down the primrose path to hell by some who trace their roots to the Ottoman and the Aristocrats of Europe. Republicans are battling every moment of every day to prevent a similar travesty of justice at the National Party level. We call them RINOs because they are.

    The United States has been under attack since inception. If any of what we as a nation has accomplished is worthy of defense, it is the Freedom and Liberty guaranteed everyone, everyday under the U.S. Constitution. It is not perfect, but it by far better than anything done by any one, group or nation since the dawn of mankind.

    Our Civil War veterans are all dead. As ugly as it was, that war was fought to forward the Creed of our Nation at its word. All men are created equal.

    They killed Martin Luther King.

    They’ll kill you too, if you let them.

    Lowell, 11 November, 2013

  5. Varvara

    Thank you Jim.

  6. Sam

    Who posted these fake photos and novels?? Some people’s fiction theories and not the facts. The French were sent to Vietnam first to protect the south from the north… Vietnam wasn’t always a communist Country. My father was in Vietnam during the 60’s US Marines. We were there to protect the south Vietnamese from these communist savages. The North Communist Invaded the south. Anyone who didn’t subjected to Communism were slaughtered 3,000,000 south Vietnamese. So before posting your fabrication agendas get your facts straight you CON!

    Sam, I hope you study a little HISTORY before you leave another stupid posting.

    The French returned to Vietnam following WWII – to reclaim their colonial empire – which included all of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. It was known as French Indo-China.

    The French lost to the Viet Minh – the last major battle being Ðiên Biên Phύ in 1954. The French gave up all claims and French Indo-China became 4 new countries, – N & S Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.