Texas Democrats Pick “Governor Abortion”!

Posted March 5th, 2014 by Iron Mike

The Democratic Party’s ruthless War on Babies moves full speed ahead!  Gold-digging lying abortion champion Wendy Davis wins Texas gubernatorial primary.
Witch Wendy for Texas Governor
She used a rich 2nd husband to get through college and Harvard Law, – then the day his last tuition check cleared, – she abandoned him with two daughters [one an infant] to pursue a legal and political career.  She wore a catheter and a diaper during a 13-hour pro-abortion filibusterer, – now she’s their CHAMPION!

What is it about killing babies that some women find so empowering?

Wendy Davis Walks OUT
Davis was using a tear-jerking rags-to-successful woman story on her web site, which liberals were swallowing whole. 

BUT, it turned out that she left her successful second husband when he made the last law school payment – leaving him with her two daughters – the older one from her first marriage, – the younger one an infant.   It has taken her months to correct the website.
Wendy Davis resume lie

Undeterred, perhaps actually enthralled with a proven liar,  Texas Democrats yesterday went to the polls and proved they want a woman,  – a PRO-ABORTION BABY-KILLING WOMAN, – and honor and truth be damned!

I guess Texas Democrats will overlook this…?
Wendy Davis gave to Bush

God help Texas!    I was so looking forward to retiring there!

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  1. Casey Chapman

    We all need to donate to her Republican opponent, Greg Abbott. A good guy and actually conservative.