Teenage Beheader Arrested In Lawrence!

Posted December 4th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Evil lurks in Lawrence Mass!   I’m fairly certain both city and state government will attempt to muffle and gloss over the details.  One 16-year old boy will be in court Monday to be arraigned for First Degree Murder,  – and maybe torture.

Per the authorities the victim was beheaded,  his lower arms cut off,  – and suffered other horrific injuries…”.   Will we ever learn specifics?   Why do they matter?

The details matter because we all have a right to know if this was satanic,  Islamic,  or gang-related,…i.e. MS-13 or some other gang.

We have a right to know exactly how deep the evil running through the streets of Lawrence really is – that 16-year olds are involved.

We need to know if the body and the head were dumped where they were found because kids panicked, – or were they placed deliberately, – calculated as a show of blatant terrorism, – intended to scare others into silence and compliance.

…other horrific injuries…”.

Was Lee Manuel Paulino alive when his captors – his classmates – began to dismember him?  Was he held down writhing and screaming as they cut off his arms – and maybe more?

How many people – both boys and girls – were in on the murder?  We seriously doubt Matthew Borges did this all by himself.

We need to know if this was done for their satisfaction and entertainment,  – or done to impress other – older people.  Or was it done as an initiation?

Were they supposed to have dumped the body into the Merrimack, – or leave it to be found.   Where are Lee’s arms…and other parts…?   Where is the blood?

And,…what is the meaning and significance of the ugly mop-top haircuts?


The ooey-gooey turd birds will try to tell you that at 16,  Matthew is ‘too young to have formed the intent to torture and murder’,  – and that with time he can be rehabilitated.

Really?  HOGWASH!  

Who would want this person living next to them – ever again?

If ONLY “Life without parole” really meant that in Massachusetts.    But alas, – it doesn’t mean squat anymore…

It was just three years ago that our LibTard-soaked Mass Supreme Judicial Court (our state supreme court for you outsiders) ruled in the case of knife-killer John Odgren [psycho killed a random freshman at Lincoln-Sudbury High in 2007] ruled that at age 16 Odgren’s brain was ‘not fully formed’ – thus he must be allowed periodic parole hearings….and cannot serve life for the murder.odgren

Our Massachusetts media now refers to Odgren – a twisted psycho-killer who read Stephen King novels,  – as ‘a special needs person’…..

“Everybody can be cured – everybody gets paroled…”

Thus Matthew Borges knows that unless somebody kills him in prison,…someday if he pulls a good act in front a some future parole board – he’ll walk free.

Which is EXACTLY WHY we need the Death Penalty back in Massachusetts!

Some crimes are just too evil too horrific – to be forgiven or absolved.

And while you’ve been reading this,  – somewhere other twisted 16-year old youths are thinking about a copy-cat crime – and sizing up victims.

What’s to deter them?


UPDATE:   Friday 31 March 2017   Borges pleads “Not Guilty”

UPDATE:   Good Friday, 14 April 2017   We should have expected the fabric of evil to unravel.   Or,…maybe Attorney Hayden is talking some sense into his client…  A second (yet unnamed) 16-year old teen has been arrested in Lawrence in connection to the beheading of Lee Viloria-Paulino.  So far the charges are minor – including witness tampering.   He was released ROR – and ordered to attend school….

6 Responses to “Teenage Beheader Arrested In Lawrence!”

  1. Reverend E. Raleigh Pimperton III

    Sad, the perpetrator was just beginning to turn his life around, probably studying to be a pharmaceutical distribution executive. His mother still loves him.

  2. Sherox

    He was a good boy, a very good boy.

  3. MC

    The UK Mirror reported that the autopsy took 11 hours because of the amount of “many, many horrific injuries” the victim suffered. The State Police while executing a search warrant at the home found enough evidence in the home to arrest. Sitting here trying to remember the longest autopsy I attended but it wasn’t over 2 hours–I couldn’t imagine the damage to the victim for a 11 hour autopsy.
    If more arrests were made in this case it wouldn’t be surprising.

  4. GreenBeretLTC

    Let us grieve for the innocent victim in this matter (if indeed he was truly innocent….) but rejoice in the fact that we now have one less scumbag unavailable, however temporarily or permanently, to pollute the human gene pool….

  5. Kojack

    GreenBeret, respectfully, the gene pool in Lawrence, MA (the benefactor of the most extensive democrap, lib-TURD entitlement policies and benevolence the moonbats can conceive) is already beyond hope.

  6. GreenBeretLTC

    Kojak: Understood, and maybe so, but don’t give up and continue to eat this apple one bite at a time…. This guy’s going to be out of circulation for a while to a long time, unless the Libs try him as a juvenile, which I don’t think will happen. And if he draws an adult sentence, the boys in the pen are really going to like him…..

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