Teen Greets Cops With Mom’s Head!

Posted March 7th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Decapitates 35-yr old mother,  dials 911,  steps out with her head in one hand,  butcher knife in the other.  Two baby sisters inside.

Between ISIS,  MS-13,  and the Mexican Drug Cartels,…this kind of thing has become more common across our land.  Watch who your kids are associating with.  This could quickly become “a thing” with teenage kids….
UPDATE:   7:30 pm Tuesday   Known as both Machado and Machada – the 18 year Honduran native is here illegally!


2 Responses to “Teen Greets Cops With Mom’s Head!”

  1. Mt Woman

    This is horrific! Can you imagine the mother of this thug, living in fear of her once beloved little boy and watching a monster emerge.
    I remember hearing pundits speak back in the mid 2000’s when George Bush was President. There was concern that Bush would not get a second term and would lose to John Kerry. However, the assumption was that the show “24” with Jack Bauer continued to keep the fear of international terror/terrorists in the minds of many who pay attention and that Bush’s second victory could be directly related to the reality that terrorists live among us–thankfully there are some who work hard to keep us safe. I wonder if the new show “24 Legacy”, “Designated Survivor” and even “Homeland” will serve the same purpose for President Trump. These programs clearly remind us through some over dramatic acting and visual effects that terrorists are among us, working to take down America. These programs clearly show that there is a covert underworld aimed solely at doing us harm. It is through the constant scrutiny of those willing to speak of such realities, pick up guns and seek out terrorists who will receive the ultimate approval of the voters.


    Don’t forget that we had a beheading here in Lawrence, MA back in Dec 1st….

    Police STILL haven’t released details about the motive….


  2. Kojack

    His teachers said “He’s a good boy, a very good boy”.