TEA Party Wins Two Primary Races

Posted May 14th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Primary Winners Capito and SasseBen Sasse wins
Nebraska Primary

Shelly Moore Capito
wins West Virginia

Note to Mitch McConnell: Your guy lost – came in 3rd!

This will be a sobering and painful Wednesday morning for Establishment RiNOcrats across the land. Voters rejected candidates with RiNO endorsements, – went with the TEA Party upstarts, – the ones who talked about the Constitution!

In Nebraska hero Navy pilot Shane Osborne became frustrated early on, and sought the endorsement of Mitch McConnell. Bad move, – it stirred up a backlash.  Shane – who otherwise is a good man – came in 3rd.
Osborne – McLeay – Sasse - Dinsdale

Endorsements from Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin helped Sasse.

West Virginia saw something new for them – two women winning their senate primary races. They’ve never elected a woman to the US Senate.

Shelley Moore Capito – a moderate Republican Congresswoman easily won her primary race.

Capito v Tennant West Virginia

Immediately Democrat winner Natalie Tennant went on the class warfare attack – saying she sees the race as being a contest between the “RICH” and the “blue collar workers”.

That Class Warfare [aka RACE Warfare] theme will probably dominate Democrat talking points this summer and fall.

What else do they have to campaign on, – Obama’s successes in turning around our economy and bringing peace around the world?

They’ll campaign on “Democracy” [aka mob rule] and more government handouts [reparations], and union jobs [crumbling roads and bridges], all paid for by “Making those Evil 1%ers finally pay their fair share”.

The questions for Republicans are: Can you make a simple cogent argument that even the welfare dependent will understand – and embrace?

Can you argue that granting blanket ‘amnesty’ will doom inner-city Black and Hispanic kids to a lifetime of government-dependent welfare poverty?

Can you make the case that Obama’s systematic weakening of our National Defense – both our military forces and our energy and industrial prowess – has placed all our lives in great danger?

What can Democrats campaign on in West Virginia – after Obama has just spent the past five (5) years vindictively killing their coal industry?

Angry Coal Miners

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  1. Jim Buba

    They still don’t believe it.

    The better for all of us.

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