TEA Party Guy STUNS Penn-GOP!

Posted March 19th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Write-In SMACK-DOWN!  The guy the establishment RiNOs turned away just won a Pennsylvania State Senate seat with a 47.7% write-in vote.   The RiNO got 26.6% and the Dem got 25.7%.
Scott Wagner wins write-in
The People won!  Mitch McConnell and John Boehner take note:

When the voters get tired of big, expensive, and intrusive government – they will eventually vote out BOTH the folks who made it that way, – AND the folks who wouldn’t fix it!

When both parties start to look, sound, and ACT the SAME, – voters will eventually rebel.

Republican Ron Miller has been sitting in the State House of Representatives since 1999.  He’s a long-time office-holder – starting with 10 years on his local school board.  Somewhere along the way he became part of the ‘establishment’.

Linda Small'w website banner

His challenger – he thought – was retired Navy Master CPO Linda Small – who ~ appeared ~ at first to be a relatively conservative Democrat.  But she isn’t; – you had to carefully read her underwhelming website to understand that she’s a standard-issue liberal.   She’ll likely try again.

Penn Waste FleetBut then came small businessman Scott Wagner, owner of Penn Waste [with a kick-ass company web site], and a 30+ year history of supporting worthy community causes and conservative issues.

His company and his trucks have been sending a ‘green’ and a ‘recycling’ message for years.  He never needed to say a word about it.
PennWaste Message

He ran unabashedly on the US Constitution,  our 2nd Amendment,  – and is openly pro-life. Gee, no wonder the ‘Establishment’ turned him away.

Their lament was of course that “…Scott will take enough votes so the Democrat will win”.   

Across our land RiNOs have been bullying conservatives with that for decades – since the days of Ralph Nadar and Ross Perot.

But fed-up voters – who knew the man and have seen his trucks rolling by for years – took the time to write in his name – 10,595 times‘Nuff said?
Write In Winner

Since this was a special election to fill a vacancy, Scott now has to run again in the regular primary – May 20th – to be on the ballot for the November general election.  I think he’s got a great head start!

8 Responses to “TEA Party Guy STUNS Penn-GOP!”

  1. Len Mead

    Every dog has his day. 2014 is the Tea Party’s turn.

    Len Mead
    Unwashed COnservative

  2. Casey Chapman

    Len, having lived in Pennsylvania for a couple of years, this guy’s winning IS a big deal. Very encouraging to see some citizens of that state ARE waking up.

  3. Jim Buba

    ” I’m on the road and runnin’, I can hear the train a-comin’ “

  4. MC

    I hear those wheels a turnin, just comin down the track
    Oh what fun it will be to see the Dems pushed back.

    Pelosi’s botox will be saggin and Reid will be cryin so
    when the filibuster is used against them, OH LET IT BE SO.

    If we are really lucky, we might get some folks with balls
    to indict the thieving, lying bastards and remove them from the halls.

    A jail cell should be waiting for so many of them,
    but that is way too much to hope for – so to this end.

    Let’s hear that train a comin, comin down the track, but
    we got to grease the rails to get the Majority back.

  5. Ralphyboy

    Let’s hope that this outcome, becomes a beginning of a new change in direction. We need the conservative vote and voices to be strong, loud and many. No more ignoring the obvious. Incumbents need to go and conservatism needs to return. We need more encouragement like this to keep the momentum alive. Indeed, it is now the Tea party’s turn to spread the word. God willing and on our side, we will dominate.

  6. george boag

    There is no such creature as a conservative Democrat.

  7. Don Ordway

    It has been clear since its inception that the Tea Party speaks for the people, at least the ones paying attention to the issues. The strategy is to convince the people that the Tea Party is evil. The Lib’s Progressives and RINO’s road to success is to destroy their enemy. We’ve seen their ideas, what choice do they have? A real solution is seldom their goal.

  8. Jim

    Thanks for the info. Sadly I have to read it here first as the Philly Inquirer website (philly.com) has no mention of it.