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“I cannot help you any more as a Democrat – the Democrats walked away from me!” West Virginia’s governor made his announcement at the Trump Rally in Huntington, WV tonight. short video:

How tough are Clean Elections….if you really want them? Maybe a lot easier in West Virginia than Chicago, NY City, Philly, and Baltimore?

Republicans take NOTE: At age 17 – she just beat an incumbent Republican! Saira was too young to vote for herself in Tuesday’s primary, – she’ll finish high school this  month – but she’s already finished the legislative career of Larry Kump. She faces a progressive democrat attorney in the general election.

Debbie’s Nightmares

May 20th, 2012

First a Texas convict, now a Chattanooga lawyer* – both embarrassing Obama by showing the disenchantment sweeping even liberal America. Two weeks ago Federal Inmate Keith Russell Judd took 41% of the West VA primary votes away from Obama.  This Tuesday, ultra-progressive Tennessee Lawyer John Wolfe, Jr. could do even better in Arkansas.  DNC Tasmanian […]