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The Marine Veteran was old,  and slowed by various ailments;  – but he lived long enough to see his efforts to defeat Hillary and elect Trump come to pass. On Friday, January 20th,  – he’ll be in DC – watching from above as a member of the USMC Silent Honor Guard.  Semper Fi Bud.  We’re […]

Something deep inside me is churning with anger and despair as I post this.  This fine young woman should not be dead.  She should not have been placed in such danger on her first shift as a sworn police officer. Ashley,  you paid the ultimate price for America’s cult-like worship of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative […]

The world is full of goons. These two had been arrested multiple times – and being here illegally – deported [multiple times]. So they set out to rob a family peacefully fishing Sunday evening. Off duty Agent Vega pulled his pistol, but they already had theirs out. Vega – a former Marine – was killed, […]

What did you think he was gonna say?

Merry Christmas From Afghanistan

December 15th, 2010

h/t KellyC

  Connecticut’s AG has an embarrassing John Kerry problem – an exaggerated war record.  And of all things, the Grey Lady herself – the NY Times – is running the story.  Wow,  I guess circulation and advertising are down – they’re resorting to desperate measures –  real investigative journalism – on a Democrat.

When I first heard this I was at a TEA Party in Lowell.  I couldn’t believe it.  The US Navy – OUR US Navy – has decided to name a still-to-be-built amphibious transport after career scumbag Penn Congressman John Murtha – who served briefly in Vietnam – and retired as a Colonel from the Marine […]

Murtha – Always A Windbag Pennsylvania Congressman John Murtha died today at age 77.  He represented the PA 12th District.   His gall bladder saved him from an embarrassing re-election defeat,  and saved the voters of the 12th from any further embarrassment.   Remember in ’08 when he called them – his own voters –  racists?   I’ll shed no […]

Thank You Cookie Droppers!

December 20th, 2009

Thank you Cookie Droppers!  The 223 boxes have arrived on the Hindu Kush just in time for Christmas!  Well done everybody!  Merry Christmas Marines!    /s/  Iron Mike