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If you weren’t around in 1979 – you cannot remember when Iran was a staunch US ally against Russian expansion in the Middle East. So today’s protests across Iran’s lesser cities and towns may bewilder you – because you thought when Obama delivered $33 BILLION in CASH to the Iranian Twelvers we’d have ‘peace’ for […]

They should have read his book last Fall,  after he was elected.  But they were too busy trying to overturn the election results.  Today they face an American President like no other in history. Trump has been very patient.  He’s given the Swamp Vermin lots of time to act.  Now he’s acting,  and the Congress […]

Is Obama so wrapped up in his narcissistic fantasies that he doesn’t even realize he is being mocked on the world stage – by the Chinese, the NorKs, ISIS, and the Persian Twelvers? By extension, we are also being mocked,  – because we elected him. THIS time it was two small boats.   Wait until they […]

Remember they are Twelvers,…they want to bring on Armageddon – so the “Hidden Imam” will reveal himself and lead them to victory and Paradise…   What do they have to lose – particularly with Obama the Pussy in command…? This week they upped their cat-&-mouse game – one of their swarm boats fired a missile from […]

The Obama Cartel Is INSANE!

September 2nd, 2015

Sheer MADNESS!   Democrat Senators have sold their souls,  – they’re taking political bribes to approve a deal which will guarantee the Twelvers get the BOMB, – which they WILL use on Israel and the USA! Watch now as Kerry’s staff submits him [or his whole team] for the Noble Peace Prize.   He’s earned the Nobel Prize […]

No wonder Obama is in a hurry for a “Nuclear Treaty” with Iran, – his partner-in-treason may be dying; – is rumored to be already dead… Imagine the satisfied feeling this 75-yr old Shia fanatic must be feeling – laying on his death bed, – knowing that he’s managed to take full advantage of the […]

These Fools Will Trigger A War

January 15th, 2014

Iran’s fanatical Twelvers led by Hassan Rouhani want to obliterate Israel. So does the Obama Administration.   The Twelvers believe that starting a nuclear war in the Middle East will bring on Armageddon – the ‘End of Days’ – when the Twelfth Imam [the ‘Hidden Imam’] will reveal himself,  smite their enemies,  set before them […]

The Neville Chamberlain of our Time!  Kerry’s pathetically conspicuous quest for a Nobel Peace Prize – to bolster his 2016 [or even 2020] Presidential Candidate résumé will cost countless lives across Europe and the Islamic world. Like Chamberlain 75 years ago,  Kerry wants to be seen as a ‘peacemaker‘ – to add to his phony  […]

Yesterday was bad – tomorrow will be worse. The never-ending cycle of an eye-for-an-eye, a son-for-a-son spirals on through Middle Eastern history with ever more vicious tactics, and more risk for the rest of us. When you pit a ‘religion‘ steeped in hatred and justified killing against religions and cultures that preach love, forgiveness, and […]

8 Ball Corner Pocket

December 28th, 2011

The sudden boldness of the Iranian Navy has me curious. They’re conducting a ten-day exercise to practice their key long-term plan – immobilizing or sinking a US super-carrier in the narrow Straits of Hormuz, then recovering the nuclear weapons from the wreck. Brazen and ballsy in it’s simplicity,  it fits right in with their Shi’a […]