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“America is roaring back,  now is the time to invest in America!” A Q & A session followed the speech:

Our President isn’t mincing his words.  He quietly but bluntly scolds those NATO members who aren’t paying their fair share of the cost. Watch the expressions on the faces of Merkel and Macron – starting about the 7 minute mark.  10-min video below the fold:

His speech starts at 1 hr 15 min – just move the slider.

Calls Hillary “Trigger-Happy and Very Unstable”…. Grab a beverage and watch. Checks off a long list of things which need fixing…..He clearly understands the military issues.

Trump speaks at Boston’s Langham Hotel today. The usual rabble of Communists, Socialists, Atheists, traitors, perverts and drug users will assemble to protest. Representative “BLOODY MIKE” Crapuano plans to lead them.