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A Bad Day For A Good General

December 1st, 2017

Those very qualities that made him an outstanding General – made him a clumsy political operative. Today he pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI. Given the FBI’s dismal record of covering up for Hillary Clinton – who can blame him?   I’d lie to the bastards too! Robert Mueller is one smug back-stabbing political […]

“Allahu Akbar!” In Ankara

December 19th, 2016

Assassin in a western suit – shoots Russian Ambassador. This will not lessen Russian aid for Assad,  – but it will remove any lingering shreds of mercy about Russian air strikes.

The pathetic rust-bucket should have been scrapped decades ago, – but this relic of the old Soviet Union is sailing – very slowly – off to war in the Middle East. Pity the 1,500 crew and airmen. Putin’s immediate goals are to crush ISIS,  secure Assad’s hold on Syria,  and neutralize Recep Tayyip Erdoğan – […]

America got screwed again tonight.   Somehow the once-trusted Fox network managed to stage a fake debate. My wife – a trained attorney – noticed it first,  – Hillary was reading certain answers…

Amazing!   Just watched MSNBC moderators Chuck Todd and Rachel Maddow do a far better job on the Sanders-Clinton debate than Fox’s Chris Wallace and Megyn Kelly did on theirs. Sure looked like big parts of the evening and the questions were choreographed,  – including the VP questions at the end….but this event was an actual […]

CAUTION:  VERY GRAPHIC IMAGES!!   These are just some of the reasons why Trump is right about a moratorium on Muslim immigration from the Middle East. Can YOU pick out the guilty beheaders?   Would you recognize them in a refugee camp of 3,000 men?

If you ~ thought ~ you understood the ongoing war in Syria, – you probably didn’t.   Almost every day now a new wrinkle is revealed, – and there ain’t none of them pretty. Within days of Turkey downing a Russian Su-24,  – and ‘rebels’ on the ground killing the Russian pilot,….’somebody’ [Russian jets?] bombed a […]

It looks like a ‘proxy war‘  – and to a degree it is;  – but it’s really much more sinister.  Putin is readying his new generation of jet pilots for a big war,  – by having them practice against BOTH ISIS and ‘Free Syrian’ forces in Northern Syria. He accomplishes five objectives: 

Before an essentially skeptical and hostile audience, the Doctor was even-toned, humorous, and he even drew applause. On government welfare programs “…we’re driving ourselves into debt without solving the problems”. Ben manages to scold the Press in a way that actually made them applaud his words.

Putin is now the MASTER;  Obama is the sideline spectator. By now most thinking people in America – and across the world,  – have grasped the significance of Russia’s cruise missile strike yesterday at Al Raqqah, Syria.