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My friend Tom Gilroy (God rest his soul) used to say “…there are NO COINCIDENCES in politics,…the dots are ALWAYS connected!” So when people who have dirt – or know dirt – on the Clintons start committing ‘suicide’ in motel rooms….it’s time for us to start paying attention,…and for all surviving Clinton associates to update […]

Found hanging from a bed sheet….did the “BIG MAN” return from his Not Guilty verdicts bragging,…and thus anger fellow prisoners…? Doesn’t matter,…this cowardly self-obsessed serial killer is finally DEAD, our taxpayer expense has ended.

Guess the Bloods got to a juror….. Defense Attorney Jose Baez can up his fees…..  Books will be written, and movies produced based on this case and this botched trial.   I think that ~ just maybe ~ a juror will someday be charged…. 

ARKANCIDE! Their Trail Of Corpses

September 6th, 2015

Grab a beverage Folks,   and take a deep breath.   You’ll be watching this for awhile – it’s almost 2 hours long…a disturbing trip back in History.   If you’re too young to remember any of this,  – then it’s about time you had your eyes opened! If any of you MoonBats and “Democrats” can […]

While some of this may be empty bluster,  the reality is that a lot of angry folks out there believe this crap….and they ARE acting out….   A cop was shot at in Millis tonight,  – on a wooded stretch of Forrest Road.   UPDATE:  That Part-Time Millis cop LIED – has been FIRED! Most of the […]

Born to be the turd in the punchbowl?   The entire majesty and power of the Federal Government,  – with all it’s 50 years of AA/ EEO/ Inclusion laws, quotas, and hiring regulations,  – couldn’t make Vester successful or happy? He was ~ almost ~ Black [like Obama],  gay,  and worked for a series of TV […]

It’s not often you’ll see us defending a Democrat!   In a world of political backroom deals and wink-and-nod ‘I don’t see anything’ – Mrs. Ortiz has ruthlessly gone after the scum and the crooks that Martha Coakley ignored.   But US Attorney Carmen Ortiz is unfairly under attack from liberals and young know-it-alls who […]

What IS Hillary Looking At?

October 5th, 2012

Is THIS the reason Vince Foster committed suicide in 1993? There have long been rumors – that Hillary is secretly gay.  Was the nearness of Christina Aguilera at Wednesday nite’s gala for world hunger – the George McGovern Leadership Awards – just a little too tempting for our Secretary of State?

Call me cold-hearted,  but I shed no tears when a career pedophile finally decides that buckshot from a 12 Gauge tastes better than prison food.  I appreciate the savings to the taxpayers.  I see it as justice done.  Today’s justice would have been better if served up forty years ago. And that’s going to be Scott […]

Why Did Our Sheriff Eat His Gun?

November 28th, 2010

Middlesex County Sheriff James V. DiPaola has had a very busy month.  First he won reelection on November 2nd.  Then he had a plan to ‘retire’ and draw his pension and still draw his salary.  Then in an epiphany he decided it ‘wouldn’t be right’ so he decided he would just retire.  Then yesterday he […]