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Chad Michael Kirby – 36 – of Quincy,  stabbed a man in the head.

They built a 58-story building on SAND and BACKFILL… You can buy a condo there for $3.8 Million,…but the building has already sunk 16 inches since 2008… At the top, the building has already tipped 15 inches….

There are always those kooky few who try to turn really bad ideas into public policy. Acton, Mass – my town – has found a new ’cause’ for the lunatic fringe to get behind – “Sanctuary Town”… “Fuck the People, fuck the future victims,  – we have a CAUSE!”

The 14th richest city in the Commonwealth vote to ‘protect’ their illegal maids, cooks, nannies and gardeners. Did they ever think of the long-term consequences?

Mayor Marty Walsh and his Garden Gnome have a hot grueling summer ahead of them.  It’s a political year,  and Boston is a target city for Muslim jihadists,  Black Lives Matter activists,  and the usual variety of inner-city drug-gang murders. With under 2,200 cops,  less than a dozen trained dogs,  and already under scrutiny for failing […]

If there was ever a sheriff hated and despised across this land – it is Ross Mirkarimi,  – the smug, arrogant,  scandal-plagued sheriff of San Francisco. He drew national attention and wrath for his smug indifference to the shooting of Kate Steinle by a 5-x time deported illegal alien criminal that he refused to turn […]

Ted Cruz Wows Value Voter Summit

September 26th, 2015

He just won their straw poll – third year running!   For my money,  there is no candidate from either party who understands our Constitution to the depths that Ted does. He’ll run circles around Hillary, Sanders, Biden, or any MoonBat!

Democrat Mayor Joe Curtatone has boldly made his tiny city of Somerville, MA into a sanctuary for illegal immigrants. He’s defiant about it. He recently challenged the Governor to “come get him”.