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The Australian troublemaker recently compared himself to Presidents Thomas Jefferson and Dwight Eisenhower…. CIA Director Mike Pompeo calls him out – as a narcissist,  backed by Russia.  Eight minutes of the bluntest talk you’ve ever heard…

It seems that for a full year at least – the Democrats both in Hillary’s camp and the Obama Cartel were desperately trying to link Trump to Russians – to Putin himself if possible….   And they recklessly broke the law in their failed attempt. Meanwhile,…buried in old headlines – i.e. totally forgotten by our left-wing […]

Obama appointed a dunce,  and we have all been at risk. The same CIA that reported Russia had leaked the DNC emails to WikiLeaks – bit hard on a hoax of Trump being involved in sex orgies and golden showers.   And with a straight face – they briefed Trump on what the Russians “had on […]

Bank robbery could lead to war! The smallest country in ‘Europe’ is Cyprus.  And like most, they’ve been spending like crazy [sort of like the Obama Cartel]. Only, they really don’t have a source of income.  Cyprus isn’t what you’d call a manufacturing powerhouse. So they borrowed [sort of like the Obama Cartel]. Now they’ve […]