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The Casting Couch Lothario gets his comeuppance! Will Hillary and the other Democrats return his money,  – or donate it to a REAL charity?

Lies,  – exaggerations,  – embellishments, – puffery,…it’s all not the truth, – and it can inflict terrible damage on others. Two weeks ago in a Virginia courtroom,  a jury decided that a little payback was overdue.

Ambushed while jogging near her mother’s home, raped, killed, burned and left naked in the woods.   Why wasn’t she armed? It happens many times each day across our land – innocent and vulnerable women are set upon by rapists, murderers, and perverts.  Joggers are easy prey!

Once again Affirmative Action has resulted in a preventable disfigurement.   Salem’s tiny new female cop Jessica Rondinelli just had a big chunk of her ear bitten off by a 19-year old perp – as the smurfette copette was attempting to load the subject into her patrol car. Wanna see who did it?

All these years, since Bill Clinton was Attorney General of Arkansas – he’s been “Teflon Bill” the untouchable serial predator. FINALLY, – it took someone with real guts to tell the truth – to put the actual word out there for the non-thinking public to hear,…and ~ maybe ~ start thinking about… short clip below […]

Bill Clinton Reviewing State Laws

December 30th, 2015

The disbarred and thoroughly disgraced former prosecutor is rechecking the statutes – state-by-state….and trying to remember their names…

Teenage Murderer Taunts Justice

November 17th, 2015

Crazy – like a fox?  Murderer/rapist Philip Chism methodically builds a case for insanity – almost as if he’s receiving expert advice on how to do it. He’s building a case of insanity – so his murder conviction can be overturned upon appeal.  In this state it might just work….

The headlines speak of insanity bordering on betrayal and treason. The Secretary of the Army is either INSANE – or part of Obama’s plot to weaken our defenses to the point we can no longer guarantee our national survival. As of today – no allied nation should rely on us.

…and you haven’t heard about it,…why? Maybe because the 5 teens that did it are Black,  and the victim used to be a porn star?  Does that make home invasion, assault, gang rape, robbery, and car theft any less of a crime? The home may have been selected for robbery at random.

Why You NEED A Gun!

April 11th, 2014

Because 2-footed animals do roam our streets! On Chicago’s far south side, 27-yr old career goon Demetrio Campbell from neighboring Blue Island tried to entice two young Calumet Park girls to go with him.  They ran inside and locked the door.