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He is a clever bastard – and he will not live in peace with the rest of civilized mankind.   His meeting in Ankara to “create a peaceful solution to Syria” is a sick joke. He is carving out Russian interests, – and arming the enemies of Western Civilization.  There will be much more bloodshed!

It seems that for a full year at least – the Democrats both in Hillary’s camp and the Obama Cartel were desperately trying to link Trump to Russians – to Putin himself if possible….   And they recklessly broke the law in their failed attempt. Meanwhile,…buried in old headlines – i.e. totally forgotten by our left-wing […]

Putin’s Middle East gambit just got a lot more expensive….as we await word on the fate of the two fighter pilots. If ISIS get’s them, – they’ll be roasted alive….

“Accidently” releases development of Nuclear Drone Submarine…perfect for attacking port and coastal facilities. Putin was never interested in Obama having more ‘flexibility’ after his 2012 re-election;  – he was already working on humiliating him.

It looks like a ‘proxy war‘  – and to a degree it is;  – but it’s really much more sinister.  Putin is readying his new generation of jet pilots for a big war,  – by having them practice against BOTH ISIS and ‘Free Syrian’ forces in Northern Syria. He accomplishes five objectives: 

Before an essentially skeptical and hostile audience, the Doctor was even-toned, humorous, and he even drew applause. On government welfare programs “…we’re driving ourselves into debt without solving the problems”. Ben manages to scold the Press in a way that actually made them applaud his words.

Putin is now the MASTER;  Obama is the sideline spectator. By now most thinking people in America – and across the world,  – have grasped the significance of Russia’s cruise missile strike yesterday at Al Raqqah, Syria.

We are now OFFICIALLY a Second-Rate Nation;  – no longer the leading force for Freedom in the world. Putin just told Obama to clear out of Syrian airspace, – he’s taking over.  If you’re a left-wing DemoCrap – you’re cheering this development, – the fulfillment of your Obama orgasm…  If you understand History, – you […]

Our Babbling Vacuum-in-Chief

September 3rd, 2014

Alone in his own special world, Obama lectures Vladimir Putin. Some 50 years from now, if Western Civilization and our Young Republic have survived all the messes he made leading from behind, – when all the diehard Coexist moonbats have died off of Aids and marijuana poisoning,  historians will be hard-pressed to explain the elections […]

Same Week – Different Leadership Modes…..  Who WINS?