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Kim Jong-un Can’t Back Down!

August 11th, 2017

Americans don’t study History in school (actually it’s no longer taught in our public schools) – so they don’t understand what we’re watching in the Hermit Kingdom. Kim Jong-un – aka the Mongolian Runt – cannot back away from his saber-rattling, or his missile program,  – and certainly not from his atomic bomb program.  He’d […]

Kim Jung-un – the ruler of the Hermit Kingdom – i.e. the runt 21st Century Mongolian Warlord is as insane and unbalanced as Nero, Stalin, or Hitler in his final months. Americans – even our über-liberal communist media,  – need to understand that this stubby round runt doesn’t think like a rational leader.   He […]

The “Hermit Kingdom” of North Korea has outlasted 12 US presidents since they invaded South Korea 67 years ago. Trump has invited the entire US Senate to the White House tomorrow – April 26th – to brief them on the escalating situation and to discuss US options.

With Hugo Chavez dead four long years now,  – it must really suck to be the remaining runt dictator left on earth. The Mongolian Turd (aka Kim Jung Un) held a big parade on Saturday – to celebrate his grandfather’s birthday.  Then he launched a missile to demonstrate how he could reach West Coast American […]

It’s been 63 years since the so-called ‘truce’ at P’anmunjŏm,  which really didn’t end either hostilities or the killing.  We’re now dealing with the 3rd generation warlord of the Kim family.  Enough! I say let’s motivate his cadres of generals and colonels to deal with the problem for us.  It will be hugely cheaper and […]

That’s right smart-ass – get ready to bend over – a lot in your new home. Otto became the Poster Boy for Dumb ASS, – first by going on a trip to North Korea…the world’s most repressive state….

You can thank union teachers for these mindless fools…. Short video below the fold – PLEASE – nothing in your mouth or hands….

NorKs Pop An H-Bomb?

January 7th, 2016

Happy New Year!   While Obama took crying lessons in Hawaii,  Kim Jong-un vowed not to be ignored in this election year…. As Obama cried crocodile tears over kids killed by madmen – one of the world’s foremost madmen popped a Hydrogen Bomb, – or did he?   Maybe he just wants a BIG Kerry-Obama Payday like Iran just […]

Years ago I stopped trusting the FBI.  Recently, their claim that Kim Jung-un and his NorKs hacked Sony Pictures seemed a tad quick, and ~ maybe ~ a bit brash…? Then suddenly the North Korean internet went dark,  a clear demonstration of US cyber war prowess. But still the doubts lingered, – how could the […]

How many little NorK computer dweebs will be executed to satisfy Kim Jung-un’s need for vengeance?