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My Congresswoman – these past 9 years – is the third stupidest Congresswoman currently serving,  after Maxine Waters and Sheila Jackson Lee…. She’s a blithering disgrace. Small wonder that the morning after what will likely be scored as the all-time greatest Presidential Address, – there was her pre-written email attempting to tear it apart.  That […]

Acton’s Swamp Begins To Drain

January 10th, 2017

Long the intellectual watering hole for arrogant smarter-than-you Acton LibTurds,  – suddenly they’re not selling enough Hillary and Bernie books to pay the light bill,  – much less pay the snotty clerks who work there. Willow Books is going out of business – even before Trump is inaugurated!

Every red-blooded Sailor and Marine I ever knew will be horrified and embarrassed to read this.   Are our ships now stocking blank birth certificates? Can’t wait to see how my congress critter – Tsilent Tsongas – handles this one…  What do you do with a pregnant sailor?

The Massachusetts 3rd CD is ‘represented’ (no, not really) by a pathetic excuse for a “lawyer”,  – a left-over 1960s anti-war hippy girl who’s managed to make a living on her dead husband’s name,  – and his senate pension,  – and his social security. Her only real skill is posing for photo-ops,  and she ALWAYS […]

In my continuing effort to get Tsilent Tsongas out of Congress,  today begins the turn-in of the signatures we’ve been collecting for these past two months. The 3rd Congressional District spans three (3) counties and thirty-seven (37) cities and towns across northern Massachusetts.

Trump Wows The Crowd In Lowell

January 5th, 2016

Fills the 6,500 seat Tsongas Arena – Niki must be in a snotty twist this morning! One source stated that there were nearly 8,000 folks inside the arena, – to include the now-obligatory protesters,  – who Trump now makes part of his show.  Nothing seems to faze him,  and maybe that’s why America is embracing […]

CAUTION:  Grossly DISTURBING video below the fold!! BACKGROUND:  For decades abortion foes have warned Americans about abortion clinics selling baby organs.  And the LEFT has always mocked and pooh-poohed these stories as right-wing extremist hyperbole.  So now,  thanks to small cameras – you get the ugly truth.

Ninny Niki was Tsilent Tsongas all those months, – 241 long days, – that Marine Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi was locked away rotting in a Mexican jail,… …but suddenly she finds her vocal chords and her legs to stand in opposition to the Keystone XL Pipeline,  – now that fellow Democrat Mary Landrieu is out of […]

Where Did Niki Tsongas Go?

October 11th, 2014

AWOL?   MIA?    Lost in the Big Bad City of Washington? We sent her to Congress to represent us – but she’s managed to miss 96% of the work – the MOST of any Congress Critter! It’s EASY to understand why Niki is considered the third stupidest congresswoman currently serving

Oh the IRONY!!   Tsilent Tsongas – the haughty elitist über-liberal socialist from the Massachusetts 3rd Congressional District – worries about what we’ve written about her. For background read the Sept 13th entry below… Today – 50 days before the election – she’s worried about what bloggers are saying?  BUT,  for seven (7) long years […]