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How Sick Is Nancy Pelosi?

May 26th, 2017

77 years old – in Congress for 30 years, – worth $54 Million….and pumped full of silicone and Botox….these days she makes no sense at all…. San Francisco Bernicrat lawyer Stephen Jaffe wants her seat in Congress;  – while in DC – Ohio Democrat Congressman Tim Ryan wants her Minority Leader job…..

It’s not over,…but it’s been too long in coming. Emotions on full display on the House Floor as today’s votes were counted up.

She’ll have a very busy 13 months until the June 5th 2018 California Primary…. The Bernicrats hate her!  How many more will jump into this race?

If she wasn’t such a hateful and evil bitch, – we might ~ almost ~ feel sorry for her.   But it seems time and medications are taking their toll.  How much longer can she last? House Democrats better start thinking about a replacement minority leader,  and that is likely to pitch Steny Hoyer against James […]

Nothing quite says your political quiver is EMPTY,  and your heart is filled with jealous rage,….like wearing your green jealousy dress and attacking the President’s daughter. Nancy – you are the dictionary definition of a butt-sore loser!

The MoonBats are restless!   Pelosi just held a town hall in San Francisco,  – and it wasn’t a love-fest.  How many more elections can she win? No longer willing to face the music alone,  she took Jackie Speier who represents South San Francisco down to Palo Alto with her.   Pelosi – who is used to […]

Frankly,  Paul Ryan deserves every bit of mocking,  – from Pelosi, – and from us! The two-faced RiNO tried to undermine the President,  – first during the campaign,  and now by giving him an ObamaCare-Lite bill to lobby for.  Shame on Trump for falling for it,  – but bigger shame on Ryan and his RiNO […]

FEAR Rules House Democrats

November 30th, 2016

Democrat Party DEATH SPIRAL continues,  House Dems reelect Pelosi as Minority Hag 134 – 63! She has nothing new to offer,  but Democrat Reps were too badly fractured to mount a common defense against the aging viper,  – so they will suffer 2 more years under her iron fist!

Brief video below the fold:

Her feelings are hurt, – but he doesn’t need her anymore. She’s been ridden hard and put up wet.  Boehner is Obama’s new Legislation pal. Worse for Nancy, – The One doesn’t even need her Democratic minority house votes.  His treasonous Iran Nuclear Deal and his sell-out TPP – Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal with China […]