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Another Football Wife Murdered

November 5th, 2017

Keri “KC” McClanahan – 28 – a divorced mother of two,  – married Anthony McClanahan,  – a washed-up football player in January.   It didn’t go well;  – she fled their Arizona home several times, – and in October he was arrested for kidnapping his own son from school…. On Thursday police were called to […]


November 18th, 2016

Three young Black men target an off-campus apartment during the Super Bowl – looking for drugs and cash.  One of them shoots 18-year old freshman Nick Massa – killing him on the spot. On Wednesday,  the leader and shooter – 19-year old Damantae Graham heard the jury’s decision and the Judge say “Lethal Injection”.   Don’t […]

They were on the lam for 5 days, but captured in Virginia; – Joshua A. Hart age 23 and his girlfriend Brittany E. Smith age 27,  ran out of time, money, and freedom in Rockbridge County along Interstate 81. Now they have to decide which one will get the murder rap,  – and which will […]

Ambushed while jogging near her mother’s home, raped, killed, burned and left naked in the woods.   Why wasn’t she armed? It happens many times each day across our land – innocent and vulnerable women are set upon by rapists, murderers, and perverts.  Joggers are easy prey!

Terrorists, Hoaxers, Or ASSHOLES?

December 21st, 2015

As I post this the Nashua, New Hampshire schools are closed due to “a credible threat”.   Will it turn out to be genuine terrorism,  a hoax,  – or a stupid kid’s prank to get out of a test…?

Teenage Murderer Taunts Justice

November 17th, 2015

Crazy – like a fox?  Murderer/rapist Philip Chism methodically builds a case for insanity – almost as if he’s receiving expert advice on how to do it. He’s building a case of insanity – so his murder conviction can be overturned upon appeal.  In this state it might just work….

ARKANCIDE! Their Trail Of Corpses

September 6th, 2015

Grab a beverage Folks,   and take a deep breath.   You’ll be watching this for awhile – it’s almost 2 hours long…a disturbing trip back in History.   If you’re too young to remember any of this,  – then it’s about time you had your eyes opened! If any of you MoonBats and “Democrats” can […]

A Case For The Death Penalty!

August 21st, 2015

RIP: Grandmother Wendy Boudreau, age 59, – of Saco, Maine.  We can only hope your pain and suffering was very brief. ROT IN HELL:  “Connor MacCalister” age 31 – (per her brother) a Female-to-Male transgendering person. It seems Connor was ‘unhappy with her life’ and wanted revenge…on anybody…

A child grows into a thug in just 17 years  – and strangles a 16-year old angel. Where were the parents?   Where were the teachers? Nimitz High junior Jacob Boyd is 17,  – and sitting in jail awaiting $1,000,000 bail.  He should get used to prison life.

We know only the minimal facts – he worked for his victim; – then tortured the family over two days before murdering them.  For the past 6 years and 4 months he has enjoyed the pride of having a Black President.  It didn’t soften his evil; – did it give him a sense of invincibility…? […]