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Memorial Day Weekend 2018

May 26th, 2018

Nothing turns a boy into a man faster than the rattle of gunfire! Add the din of incoming helicopters they age even more quickly…

        Killed: 1,321,612     Wounded: 1,531,036        Missing: 38,159 These Americans – from the Lexington Green to Kandahar – did NOT die so that future generations would live under socialism and government control.

The Memories Never Stop

May 28th, 2011

It was an accident of timing, but because of it I knew so many of them.  I trained with them,  jumped out of airplanes with them,  climbed mountains and waded brackish swamps with them, laughed, drank and joked with them. Even then I was sometimes awed to be in their company.  I was privileged to […]

Every year, as this day approaches, thoughts of those that we memorialize fill many moments during my day. Yes, I know that many forget its true meaning. Many see it as a special sale, or picnic event, or the opening of a swimming pool. I don’t. My family doesn’t. And I think that’s what all […]

My Annual Veterans’ Day Angst

November 10th, 2009

Tomorrow petty politicians will speak about “service” and “sacrifice”, and maybe even valor. Most have never missed a meal, slept in the open, or gone without toilet paper. They’ve never been seasick for days, or airsick for hours. They never slept in a hole or carried the body of a buddy. Hell, they never had buddies. No clue.