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Wearing that new eagle on your shoulder is one thing,  – getting the JOB DONE is a whole ‘nuther animal.  How long does it take to investigate Scrub-Gate?  How many in the Chain of Command were involved in ordering the word ‘BLOWJOB‘ removed from the Judge Bibaud’s daughter’s drug arrest? It’s been 13 days since […]

Just exactly what our troubled State Police don’t need right now;  – questions about the integrity of their command structure. What started out as a simple traffic accident investigation has snowballed into a Trooper suing the State Police,  – and a scandal getting nationwide attention.

Our state Ark of Misfit Species is OVERLOADED! Deval collected every under-performing AA/EEO misfit in the Commonwealth, – just to prove People of Color could do the job – no matter how fat, under-qualified, or ethically challenged they were.

“Screw you Taxpayer! I know how to work the system.” Deval Patrick’s pick for State Police Superintendent in Jan 2010 was clearly an Affirmative Action selection. On Colonel Marian McGovern’s watch State Police discipline and morale deteriorated. There was a series of unfortunate incidents involving troopers. Amazingly, even oblivious Duh-val took note. McGovern stepped down […]

I love ’em, but it’s been a tough couple of months for our 2000 Mass State Troopers. The headlines have been awful. Details below the fold. It’s WAY PAST TIME for NEW LEADERSHIP! Hey, call me old fashioned – or even a Jurassic throwback, but I think Law Enforcement Leadership should be no-nonsense hard-ass cops […]