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During 2017,  Black NFL players were making a conspicuous ‘statement’ before each game as many chose to ‘take a knee’ during our National Anthem. Most said it was to protest unequal police behavior toward Black Americans,  – including many who had their own personal stories to tell about police treatment. Now comes New England Patriot Duron […]

George Soros OWNS Portland Oregon

November 13th, 2016

Underestimate the evil,  the cunning,  and the financial power of this man at your peril.  He has all but shut down a major US city by inciting and paying for 4 nights of anti-Trump riots. If Soros is successful,  – this anti-Trump movement will spread nationwide,  and dog every day of Trump’s presidency.  There seems […]

Pot-smoking Libertarian candidate gets a few seconds of free air time on national TV,  – promptly does his lizard imitation…. And across this land there are utter assholes who will defiantly vote for him on November 8th – believing he is preferable to Donald Trump. During his campaign Mister Johnson is being protected by the EPA […]

“It’s only weed, – just harmless marijuana, – right?” Reverend Shaun O. Harrison Sr. – educator, – mentor, – preacher, – anti-gang role model, – – became a drug pusher and then damn near murdered a teenage dealer…

Well, actually his “First Lady” is just his girlfriend, ~ maybe…  After today’s bombshell, ~ maybe not… Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber has been sporting some delicious arm candy lately – one each Ms. Cylvia Hayes – a twice-divorced consultant. WAIT A MINUTE!!    That’s thrice-divorced!!!  

He was “just getting his business up and running” – when he ran from the law… …with 21 bales [500 pounds] of Mexican marijuana… Drove off I-19 [the Arizona drug super-highway] into Green Valley, – across a golf course into a dry riverbed, – – then on foot into a pecan grove.

In his State of the State Address, Vermont’s Democratic Governor Peter Shumlin used his ENTIRE address to discuss the growing crisis facing Vermont – from “the rising tide of drug addiction and drug-related crime spreading across Vermont”.   And he’s surrounded.  To the south, Massachusetts has decriminalized small amounts of marijuana ‘for personal use’,  and […]

Questions For Jon Golnik

September 9th, 2010

With all the controversy surrounding Jon Golnik’s non-voting record, his DUI/drug arrest, his blaming of others, and his lying;  I think it only fair to give Jon a chance to set his own record straight.  The election is just five days away.   Jon can you answer these questions? 

Jon Golnik’s August Surprise

August 31st, 2010

Already under fire for his 8+ years of not bothering to register – and of course not voting through five (5) General Elections – Jon Golnik of Carlisle received his August Surprise today.  Breaking news published by the Lawrence Eagle Tribune indicates that Golnik was arrested in 2001 – OUI – drugs and alcohol.  It looks […]