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This is about as in-your-face and criminal as it gets – Obama’s former Attorney General calling on people (Black people?) to take to the streets,  to march,  and bring about bloodshed…? Are Democrats be that desperate to destroy Trump’s presidency?  Is this spring and summer their timetable?  Schumer had to approve and fund this ad.  […]

Nations and civilizations never remain static. They either grow, prosper, and get stronger,…or they begin to wither, fade, and are eventually overrun. We were made weaker yesterday,  – by the very people entrusted to keep us free, proud, righteous, and strong. “…establish Justice…”  Our Founders were perfectly clear on that point.  What have these toadies […]

She is supposed to be the People’s Attorney,  – guarding us from the corruptions and evils of monopolies and over-reaching government agencies and officials,  – looking out for the little guy and the voiceless.  Not Loretta!  Her abuse of POWER this week is mind-numbing.  She’s got her hand out! On Monday Lynch held a private […]

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is represented by an American lawyer.  Her name is Loretta Lynch,  – and her other client is Barack Obama’s Criminal Cartel. By law she is supposed to represent the American People,  defending us from monopolistic business interests and the over-reach of government officials and agencies.  During her 26 months in office, – […]

Whether it is Ferguson,  Baltimore,  the Bundy Ranch,  or a ranch in Oregon,  – Loretta Lynch always finds the wrong side of the issue to stand on. Today North Carolina is trying to keep perverts and sex offenders out of girl’s bathrooms,  – and Loretta wants to let them go on in.  Is the strain […]

It seems she – and maybe Michelle Obama – want trannies and sex perverts using the Ladies Rooms in North Carolina schools and state buildings. She’s given NC Governor Pat McCrory until Monday to assure her that he will NOT ENFORCE the new North Carolina law – HB2.

Germany’s Angela Merkel is allowing the prosecution of little-known comedian Jan Böhmermann – because he mocked Turkish Prime Minister – the Hitler-like Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Here in the USA, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg will delete your comments – and maybe your account – if he deems you ‘offensive’,  – or in violation of his ‘standards of […]

US Senator Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island is in competition to be named “The Biggest NutJob” in the chamber.  He’s part of a growing movement who want climate change deniers [those damned thinking people who can see through the Global Warming Hoax] hauled into court and charged with crimes….to silence them. It looks like our […]

There isn’t a patriot I know who doesn’t relish the image of Hillary Clinton in handcuffs – going into a courtroom on trial for murder and/or treason. But even with rock-solid evidence – and willing eye-witnesses,  – can Hillary actually be brought before the Bar of Justice and made to pay for her sins and […]

With this woman in charge of protecting Citizen’s Rights and Liberties, – this final year of the Obama Cartel looks to be really painful. There is a gun-grabbing agenda afoot in the upper echelons of our federal government, – and yesterday it was written plainly on the AG’s stone face.