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If ChuckieBoy Schumer were your garden-variety Democrat Turd in the US Senate – this almost wouldn’t be a story….. But he’s the new Senate Minority Leader – the guy leading the anti-Trump war,  slow-walking cabinet nominations,…and demanding to know how Putin screwed Hillary out of the White House…

Those mean misogynist Democrat men touched her and talked about her…body! What to do, – report them? To Whom? The Senate Police? NO! BE THE VICTIM!  Write a book!

In her gushing defense of ObamaCare Sunday,  NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand admits what Republicans long suspected, – that the Dems KNEW all along about the evils embedded in ObamaCare – and kept their mouths shut [for the greater good?].  They always know what’s best for us… These ‘Democrats’ aren’t democrats anymore.  They’re either Socialists – […]

Hi Massholers!  Hey, I know we living here in Red Sox Nation do have our genetic prejudices against New Yorkers – but have you ever called a flight attendant a BITCH?  Über-Liberal NY Senator Chuckie Schumer just did. Seems Chuckie was flying to DC Sunday with that other liberal NY senator – Kirsten Gillibrand when […]