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Just when you think you’ve seen enough Democrat Party corruption and hypocrisy,  – along comes author Peter Schweizer with a new book:  SECRET EMPIRES! You should probably buy it,  – or at least read it at your local library,  but Sebastian Gorka gives Stuart Varney the quick and VERY DIRTY rundown:

There are millions of DummycRATS who look lovingly at “Crazy Joe”,  – and see him as a ‘respectable elder statesman‘ of their party. For the sake of our Young Republic – and the World,  – you need to remember how utterly stupid and deeply loathsome he really is…

I will never again think of April 1st as anything other than our National Village Idiot’s Personal Holiday….. The former Delaware Senator – (turned Obama’s Life Insurance Policy),  had that rare ability to make us all cringe,  laugh,  and shudder in genuine fear,…all within the span of a few seconds…

Much of what Marines do is unseen,  unheralded,  boring,  and thankless.  Then come those moments which call for special training,  poise,  and courageous self-control… …like when the National Village Idiot gets a participation award,…and cries….

I’ve often said – the only reason Obama is still alive – is Joe Biden. For 7½ years Joe – our National Village Idiot, – has had just one (1) job;  – stay alive so that no would-be assassin would ever think of shooting Obama….

…three cunning sleazebag traitors were united and basking in their unprecedented power to do evil… But now, – it’s Truth or Dare TIME.   Will Biden enter the race – possibly this very weekend,  – and cause these former lovebirds to turn on each other with accusations of incompetence and cover-up?  Will voters even understand the […]

Joe Biden’s October Dilemma

October 7th, 2015

For 73 long years – his singular accomplishment has been keeping anybody from shooting Barack Obama. How is that ‘presidential’? For 36 years – half his life – he sat in the Senate and drew a paycheck,  – always known best as the big foul-mouth goof in the room who would go happily along with […]

The Democrat “Party Insiders” seem to know – Hillary is doomed,  – and Socialist Bernie Sanders really will strip their wealth…. So they’re turning to “Good ‘ole Joe” – our National Village Idiot – to win in 2016 and maintain their “La Dolce Vita”… Competence and Character?   “Who cares,  – we’ve been 6½ years […]

Obama Nudges Biden [Conditionally]

September 23rd, 2015

Says Clown has to run with a token VP….to earn his ‘endorsement’? WoW!    Obama thinks he’s going to be the Kingmaker?

Trump vs Biden: Clash Of Visions

September 16th, 2015

It is almost surreal – almost Shakespearean – the contrast of styles, accomplishments, abilities and words from these two men. Trump speaks of making America great again,  – of securing our border and our sovereignty,  of rebuilding our military and taking care of our veterans,  and making fair deals that are in our national interest. […]