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Now 10 comfortable months into Trump’s first term,  – it’s worth looking back at the arrogant asshole we endured for 8 horrible years. 50 second video to give you a little historical perspective.

We’ve been draining jobs overseas,  while growing government.   Trump is right – it cannot continue. No-clue Democrats always reply:  “The Government can always print more money”.

Bishop Wayne Jackson invited Trump to speak at his church the Great Faith Ministries. He was treated warmly inside – while outside there were the usual protesters…

The self-righteous self-important ‘never-Trump’ RiNO assholes won’t be satisfied, (they never will be),  – but for voters who had legitimate doubts about how ‘presidential’ or how ‘serious’ Trump really is,  – last night should calm their fears…. He spoke directly to America’s Black communities and placed the blame squarely on 60+ years of Democrat Plantation Politics:  “Hillary […]

Trump’s 5-State SWEEP!

April 26th, 2016

Exit polls are very telling;  the establishment RiNOs will be drinking VERY heavily tonight! Democrats spent the past 40 years driving blue-collar jobs out of the Northeast,  – now voters are having their say….

Deval has been going all around the world on ‘trade missions’ * – allegedly trying to drum up business for Massachusetts manufactured goods.  But the only thing we have a surplus of is Liberal MoonBats – and nobody wants any of them. Meanwhile Republican Governor Bobby Jindal just announced another manufacturing plant for rural Louisiana – […]

Fracking Al Gore

May 2nd, 2013

His junk science debunked – the Nobel Laureate sulks: The Bakkan oil fields have been known to us – and virtually ignored – for decades.  Suddenly the sweep of Islamic fundamentalism has forced the environmental nuts to look at the actual science – and they’re backing down. The result is a oil industry explosion in […]

Massive Job Cuts Coming!

November 9th, 2012

Remember when Obama and Pelosi told you that ‘good medical care was essential for business growth’? Then they ‘deemed ObamaCare to have passed the House’ – remember? Then ~ somehow ~ a highly unpopular president gets re-elected? ‘Liquid’ flows downhill, and now come the job cuts.  You may want to bookmark this site and keep […]

Delusional Obama

September 8th, 2012

OK, this photo shop ~ may ~ be unfair,… But it’s equally unfair to us that our president is delusional about the reality of the mess he can no longer blame on Bush!  

Unemployment UP: Now 8.3%

August 3rd, 2012

Only 163,000 new jobs in Q2! You built that – all by yourself Obama! Folks, there is only one logical way to read this,…business owners are waiting patiently until you vote Obama and his Spendocrats OUT. Until then, they’re not investing another dime in new projects or new hiring. They just cannot trust this current […]