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Mob Rule Tonight In Acton, MA

December 4th, 2017

School population is going DOWN,  – but they want a BIGGER school?   They can’t spend your tax money fast enough! Think our local RTC RiNOcrats will stand up and resist…? Since JamieBoy has filed to make us a ‘Sanctuary Town’ – maybe he wants the new classrooms for all the illegal Muslims and Mexicans…?

For years local LibTurd MoonBat JamieBoy has wrapped himself in the label of “Progressive”. Always on the wrong side of any issue…. He always appeared to be very proud of it – like a merit badge…  Now comes David Rubin to challenge our basic understanding of “Progressives”…and he could have been speaking about our JamieBoy!

MassHOLE Dem pigs overriding Baker’s VETO of their PAY RAISE,  – EXACTLY what de Tocqueville warned us about! Income inequality be damned,  we want ours – right off the top!

When there is a social problem or an evil drug out there on the streets – killing kids and young adults,  – the Democrats always have a solution:  LEGALIZE IT! Two months ago MassHoles voted to legalize their addiction to marijuana.  Now JamieBoy wants his pushers out of prison…

Nothing irritates a gay man more than being ignored.  That’s why they often act out in obnoxious ways,  – create drama in the workplace,  – and keep drawing attention to themselves…. So there was my very special Democrat State Senator – sitting in the street in Cambridge – demanding that McDonald’s pay high school kids […]

Sure didn’t take long!  At about 10:30 AM Friday a Muslim man – one Taha Hamid – of Dorchester – entered an MBTA ladies room,  – dropped his pants – and proceeded to piss in the sink.  He told a woman “This is a Men’s Room now!” The Transit cop must have been old-fashioned [like […]

I Must Be One Scary Old Ogre…

December 13th, 2015

The Gun-Grabbing MoonBats saw me and called the cops – four (4) of them answered the call…. As noted in the previous entry,  Acton’s treasonous gun-grabbers planned a march today from the Jewish synagogue Beth Elohim on Prospect Street – a whole mile to West Acton and back. I arrived early – drove up the […]

Taxing Massachusetts Drivers

October 8th, 2014

I just returned from a 6-day trip to Charleston, SC.  Down there I paid $3.05.9 and $3.10.9 for gas. I wish I’d thought to take the picture, – but I had a wedding on my mind. Driving back I paid $2.99.9 in Virginia and today the Massachusetts price is $3.33.9 So why is OUR gas […]

JamieBoy flings your money around like confetti at a gay wedding. Your Democrat-controlled State Senate has been hard at ‘work’ lately – spending your money to buy votes. Guess how JamieBoy voted? 

A HUGE Tango Yankee to my good friend the “Rabid Republican ” for making this all happen! Who knew?  As we begin our 5th year – after some 2,000 postings and over 1,570,000 hits – it’s hard to remember the shock we felt four years ago as Obama began his first term.