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Many of Acton’s good-hearted citizens are being persuaded to turn our town into a “Sanctuary Town” for illegal immigrants.  They have many reasons – all misguided. One popular left-wing myth is that “Sanctuary Cities are safer because ‘undocumented immigrants’ aren’t afraid to report crimes.”  Sadly this is a bald-faced LIE!

“Never let a fresh corpse go to waste – even a triple murderer!” The specter of Acton’s (very special) State Senator JamieBoy Eldridge pontificating in front of the Souza-Baranowski prison Wednesday afternoon was enough to make a sane man puke!

Tucker,…you’ve done it now.  This left-wing libturd’s head will swell up and explode! Watch Tucker question Eldridge as he never gets questioned here in Marxachusetts!

The ROAD to HELL is Paved with Liberal ‘Good Intentions’! Rockville, Maryland’s high school looks a lot like AB.    But for one 14-year old girl there,  – life will never be the same.

There are days here Folks,…that the level of pure liberal bullshit droppings is so deep you can hardly walk out of the house! These LibTurd fools have so many conflicting causes I often wonder what their dinner conversations are like.  No wonder they’re raising so many drug addicted and suicidal kids….for whom they insist on […]

Very Scary Night In Stow

September 18th, 2013

I have seen into a very dark American future,  and I am frightened. It was billed as a gun violence forum – by the Stow Democrats.  It was a totally one-sided barrage of propaganda, half-truths, outright lies, served with a total disregard to our US Constitution.  It wasn’t just our 2nd Amendment under attack.  Local […]

I attended the twin debates in Devens last night. When you know the players – the outcome is pretty predictable.  Few minds will be changed. I had more fun outside with the sign-holders.  The majority of the Dems were cowardly. First up was the Cavaretta–Eldridge debate:

A frighteningly surreal evening spent surrounded by a roosting colony of Mass MoonBats.  Wednesday night our local Socialist – State Senator JamieBoy Eldridge held court.  He wanted to talk about social programs, taxes, and the governor’s budget plan. It was a frightening and revealing 90 minutes. First let me issue a disclaimer of sorts:

Is Your Community Secure?

March 12th, 2011

Iron Mike and I went to the Governor’s meeting this afternoon in Framingham to find out the community’s opinion of the Secure Communities Act.  This is currently in use in Boston and has removed nearly 300 felons from the streets and had them deported.  It was a fun time.  Not that they intended it to […]

But listen to his comments. He’s proud of this. He’s sure he’s more knowledgeable than the average citizen. Do you believe him? (Full disclosure: This video is from the George Thompson campaign. I think it provides a compelling reason to vote for George, not Jamie.) rr