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The pucker factor* at the Left-Wing Media outlets must be at 9.5 and closing.  Will they start patting down newsroom employees? * At 10.0 your asshole puckers totally shut and you shit yourself to death internally.

Layer-by-layer the onion is being peeled back…and the core is criminal activity. O’Keefe video below the fold:

James O’Keefe Threatened….?

October 23rd, 2016

O’Keefe promised a MASSIVE exposé linking the thuggery directly to Hillary and Obama…. Now this tweet – a Deadman’s Switch,   – i.e. the videos will be released even if he is killed. Yes Folks,  O’Keefe understands how the Clintons play. Remember Vince Foster?   Remember Seth Rich?

If Video I sickened you,  – go get your barf bucket. These folks display a ruthless indifference to our laws and to decency. To them winning elections justifies anything and everything.   They’re already working on 2018.

James came to CPAC 2016 – and delivered a stinging indictment against New Hampshire’s culture of corruption and never-ending voter fraud.   He basically threw down the gauntlet to NH Attorney General Joseph A. Foster. Short video below the fold….

Common Core’s Evil Exposed!

January 22nd, 2016

James O’Keefe and Project Veritas strike again – and some of the evil people who’ve been pushing Common Core into your schools have been caught on tape. Video [a little jumpy] below the fold.  If you have kids or grand-kids  – you need to understand the level of EVIL that Common Core is…

Erin Tibe – Compliance Manager, and Molly Barker – Director of Marketing,  find a way to take Canadian Cash [yeah, that’s illegal…] at Hillary’s Campaign Launch Event on Roosevelt Island in NY City. “Laws, Smaws, drop your drawers, – we don’t need no campaign laws….”  James O’Keefe’s latest video scoop below the fold.

So you’re paying $50+K per year between tuition, books, food, and transport – to send you kid to the #16th ranked college in the land…. …and now you know that they have shit-for-brains running the place….  Brace yourself and watch the cringe-inducing O’Keefe video below the fold…

James O’Keefe enjoys a fine moment of journalism as he confronts the New Hampshire Assoc Attny General who tried to build a voter fraud case against him!  If you don’t recall, O’Keefe busted a number of NH voting places 

Bad News From A Bad Divorce

July 16th, 2012

So sad,…MSNBC is in Divorce Court. Each will go their separate ways – each will try to become the leading force for Liberalism on the Internet News Scene. NBC made sure they would come out the firstest with the sleaziest. They just hired disgraced/ fired NPR chief Vivian Schiller to run the new store. Remember […]