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So much for a quiet graceful retirement…. Former FBI Director Robert Mueller is drafted to return as the Special Prosecutor the Democrats have been demanding. Unless he ‘finds’ that Trump committed a crime,  – the Dems will STILL be crying “COVER-UP”…for decades to come.   After all, they’ve convinced themselves that Hillary was “the rightful […]

“Journalism be DAMNED!   We want his HEAD!” Trump is the uninvited outsider,  and they hate him just for being there, – disrupting their life patterns, – not kowtowing to them,  – and largely ignoring them.   This is the greatest combined attack since D-Day in Normandy.

There are A PRECIOUS FEW THINKING LIBERALS.…who understand crime,  investigations,  treason,  and the impeachment process.…. …he’s old enough to remember the last time a Clinton was impeached!

“He violated the public trust, – he failed to comply with a congressionally issued subpoena, – documents were destroyed on his watch,… – and the public was consistently misled.” Resolution to Impeach introduced by one of America’s young heroes – Jason Chaffetz of Utah.

Colleen Kutney has an Obama Impeachment Nightmare! Alarm bells are ringing at DNC HQ!  Young gay-activist staffer admits fears in e-mail and web posting;  begs Dems for $$$.  Is grim reality and five (5) long years of wall-to-wall lies starting to sink in?

Mad Dictators’ Last Edicts

November 16th, 2013

In his final days – his brain riddled with syphilis, cocaine, amphetamine, and a dozen other drugs,  – Hitler was ordering non-existent Panzer Divisions into position to block the Red Army – just 10 miles away. Obama – his brain riddled with marijuana, cocaine, and narcissism – orders insurance companies to reinstate millions of policyholders – […]

Brace For Obama’s Revenge

September 20th, 2013

He’s had several really bad weeks.  The House just voted to defund his living legacy – ObamaCare… The war he wanted in Syria is now egg on his face…  Putin is looking like the bold new World Leader he wanted to be. There are no new jobs,  and the Artic is covered with more ice […]

“Hey Hey LBJ…

September 4th, 2013

                …how many kids you kill today?”  45 years later – the Silence of the Doves is deafening!

ATTN: Republicans In Congress

September 3rd, 2013

SCREW Syria! SCREW Obama Too! We’ve known about Syrian stocks of poison gas since before 9/11. If it wasn’t a problem for Clinton or Bush… – why is is suddenly worth starting a war? ONLY ONE REASON: Obama needs to keep your eyes off what he did in Benghazi! The amateur community organizer with his secret […]

“Lovable Joe Biden” – Vice President of the United States, – or as I usually refer to him – our National Village Idiot: – why are Democrats suddenly concerned about him?    Could it be that they want to DUMP Obama? Many of them must already be thinking about special prosecutors, grand juries, and sworn statements?  […]