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The Left has an evil vision;  – if they can’t impeach Trump they’ll make his existence so miserable that he’ll resign.  They don’t really care how,  – they just want him discredited,  vanquished,  – and GONE! With those 8 Obama years, – they were well on their way to destroying our Constitution and establishing a […]

For 2017 their cover story is that ‘Trump is a racist’,  his supporters are “Fascists” – i.e. bad guys;  – and they are the “Good Guys” fighting this new evil…. Actually – the exact opposite is the real truth.   If you’d learned any history you know we are seeing a replay of Germany in […]

George Soros OWNS Portland Oregon

November 13th, 2016

Underestimate the evil,  the cunning,  and the financial power of this man at your peril.  He has all but shut down a major US city by inciting and paying for 4 nights of anti-Trump riots. If Soros is successful,  – this anti-Trump movement will spread nationwide,  and dog every day of Trump’s presidency.  There seems […]

Soros invested a fortune in Obama – got minimal returns, – mainly because we opposed him at every turn.  So he invested even more in Hillary….  You can assume he’s very pissed! He sent his army of young ignorant useful idiots into the streets last night.  Don’t expect his media to report the truth abut […]

Newt Gingrich Warns Of Sabotage

November 10th, 2016

“Honeyed words of subversion” to undermine the entire Trump movement…. As always,  Newt understanding the past,  sees into the future,  and warns us about the subtle ploys that Democrats and old-guard RiNOs will use to try to neutralize President Trump. 10-minutes well worth your time today!

Former NYC Mayor / Billionaire Michael Bloomberg HATES guns – any guns – all guns – and mostly your guns!   So he buys anti-gun politicians wherever he can find them. Amaris Ayala is a Democrat running for State Attorney down in Florida’s Osceola and Orange Counties.  So far she’s raised chicken feed in campaign funds, […]

If you think the coming election is just about Hillary vs Trump,  – you haven’t been paying attention! In many ways Obama,  Hillary,  Kerry,  Biden, are all just bit players in a bigger charade,  – and the election this November is a smoke screen.  You really don’t understand the left’s concept of GLOBALISM!

Is Soros paying for this desperate Stop Trump attempt? Cruz will have a ‘clear path‘ in Indiana,  – while Kasich gets a ‘clear path‘ in Oregon and New Mexico…. Can either of them see they’re being used by Soros and the GOP insider traitors….? One thing a long primary process WILL DO….is bring out the […]

The so-called ‘First Black President’ – Bill Clinton gets heckled by Black Lives Matter in Philadelphia.  Democrat chickens are coming home to roost… For 8 years under Bill Clinton and then 7 years under Obama,  the lives of Black Americans got no better.  Black unemployment got worse!  Obama made the issue even worse by conspicuously […]

Janesville, Wisconsin: 15-yr old girl “sexually assaulted”…? With so many smart-phone cameras rolling these days,  – it’s getting a lot tougher for the left-wing media to sell their bullshit!   What really happened in Janesville?