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Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill was at a town hall meeting in Fulton explaining to her Democrat voter base why “FREE”…isn’t…. “In those countries,…people pay 70% in taxes…”

Wednesday morning’s urgent visit with lifelong race-baiting tax-dodger Al Sharpton highlights the sheer hypocrisy of Sanders’ entire political theology.   Why at age 72 does he still have no Black friends of his own,  – after spending his entire life on either the public payroll – or on the public dole…? Suddenly he needs Black friends […]

To the 61 Million Americans [or residents] who just voted for Obama, we apologize for misunderstanding and thus misjudging you. We were terribly wrong! We thought that despite minor differences you were mostly like us – i.e. patriotic Americans.  We misjudged.  Sorry.  We failed to pick up that you’ve evolved so much beyond ‘just America’ […]