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Last year you allowed New York Billionaire Michael Bloomberg to buy a cheap whore and install her in office.  Today HE runs your state’s justice system. Markeith Loyd killed three people – four if you count Sade’s unborn baby,  – and yet Bloomberg’s hand-picked über-liberal State Attorney Aramis Alaya (her husband is a twice-convicted cocaine […]

We at RRB were taken off guard, when at a meeting of Conservatives last night long-time Conservative Activist Len “Chip” Mead of Westborough decided to ‘endorse’ Charlie Baker! It was one of those rare political moments. Len has been fighting the battle against corrupt Massachusetts government – state and town, – for decades. Nobody can claim […]

We Have A New President! I’ve been watching our president with deep interest from the days of the 2004 DNC in Boston. Back then he electrified the Convention, although only a Illinois State Senator at the time.  Many started talking “President”.  Wow, who knew?